$17,500,000 and no picture of the garage!? (2820 Pacific)

I remember 2820 Pacific from when it was on the market in 2004 for $11,250,000 and sold for an undisclosed amount (safe to say somewhere around there).

I don’t remember it for the views, the bedrooms, the baths, the massive lot, the location, none of that. I remember it for the garage. You see. The garage enters on Pacific, but goes a good way underground like a total James Bond tunnel towards the house, and at the end is a rotating disc, so you never have to back in, or back out. Just pull up on the disc, sip coffee, rotate, and gun it out the garage door…watch out for tourists staying at the Hotel Drisco, and be on your way. Return home and do the same in reverse, but never use Reverse. You get what I’m saying?

[Update: Garrett comes through with a pic.]

For what it is worth, the house is amazing! The views are incredible. They’ve remodeled it quite nicely, Pacific Avenue is hot, and the lot is prime to say the least. The best part, you can practically look down on Ellison, Traina, and the Gettys. You’d be above all of them…literally. ;-)

2820 Pacific [MLS]

3130 Pacific priced to sell at $12,495,000 [theFrontSteps]

One thought on “$17,500,000 and no picture of the garage!? (2820 Pacific)

  1. As a luxury real estate writer, I can tell you that I was inside the house on Friday, October 12th and saw the main garage from inside the house’s first (lower) level. It is enormous and depending upon how many vehicles you want to park there, the only drawback would be that access to that rotating disc might be limited if the garage is full. There is a large ramp that comes up from the street level to the (higher) level where the main part of the garage is housed. It is also possible to garage numerous additional vehicles along that ramp as well! Shuffling vehicles would keep a valet quite busy, but it could be done quite nicely and could conceivably house up to 10-12 or perhaps more vehicles. Amazing.

    Added Bonus: there is another one-vehicle garage on the Broadway side of the property.

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