9 thoughts on “Nothing but before and after (8 Kronquist)

  1. I toured this house. The quality of construction and the finishes do not merit a 2.3 million dollar price tag. Maybe in the crazy 2005 market it could have fetched such a number, but not now. It should be priced 1.950-2.095mil.

  2. Isn’t this home facing east, not north? The big views are at a 90 degree orientation, right? We made a run at the other one up there, 2 Kronquist, back in the day. That one was priced at 750K, and sold for 1.12M in March of ’05. Whoever bought it threw 500K at it and turned it around for 2.185M. Nice one. To be fair, they hit it out of the park. Not sure we could have done better. However, views are paramount. I believe 8 Kronquist shot those views from the roof. 2 Kronquist has big views from every room.

  3. Kenny, You are right. 8 Kronquist only had views from the roof deck. Its a great roof deck too. 2 kronquist sounds like the choice property of the two– to have those views from inside…

  4. I live near kronquist and keep an eye on the market in this neighborhood. I agree that the price for 8 kronquist is aggressive. The seller may be swayed by recent substantial overbidding for good SFHs in this neighorbood. In June, a home in the 700 block of 27th St (one block from Kronquist) went for $500k over asking. Then in August, in the 300 block of 27th, another quality property sold for more than $200k over asking. As the market enters the quiet Fall season and until the credit crunch thing plays out, buyers will be more cautious and we’ll probably see less frenzied bidding, even for high quality places. In the current market, these sellers probably are smart to offer a lease option and wait for their price.

  5. to tell you the truth, i’ve not. Sunday afternoons have been busy of late, and, frankly, i’m more interested in other places coming on the market. Just checked out 575 28th street, listed at $1.695 – a diamond in the rough. If you can get past the ugly exterior painting, the interior has loads of room, great views, and lots of potential. 553-A Clipper, at $1.199 has been tastfully renovated, but it is one of those cottages-behind-another-home that will not appeal to everyone. Worth a look, though. And 815 Douglas – a totally done-up class Noe Valley Victorian that certainly will appeal to earnest buyers, even at $1.849.

    Eventually, I will take a look inside at 8 kronquist and check out those controversial upgrades.

  6. james – just checked out sf-curbed’s article on this listing. Sure enough, “craptastic” is right there in the article. In fairness, though, the editors used the word to describe only some features, while praising others.

    Here is the quote: “There are also craptastic moments of detailing— where the kitchen counter collides with a light switch, for instance, the sloppy paint job, and some less-than-brilliant tilework.”

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