Noe Valley wins, Pacific Heights loses … BIG!

Way back when on July 3rd one of our readers, “Eddy”, sent in a post pitting two districts against each other titled “A tale of two districts”.

We showcased two properties:


689 Douglass, which absolutely flew off the shelf, and ultimately sold for $2,050,000 from the $1,895,000 asking price (Close of escrow was 8/15/07).

The other property being 2679 Sacramento, was withdrawn from the market at $1,550,000, and is now back on with a new price ($1,515,000), and a new lease on life, as it is only 2 Days on the Market (We guess, they’re not counting the 48 days on the market from the last go-round).

Let’s cross our fingers that it sells this time, but honestly our hope is fading.

And as Eddy pointed out, “Still no parking or back yard.” Not easy to put those two items in either. ;-)

For more of these types of neighborhood battles, we now have something similar that we call the Battle Royale, which you should check out and chime in on. We’re working on our next, Inner Sunset vs. West Portal. Stay tuned!

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689 Douglass [listing detail from sfnewsletter]

2679 Sacramento [listing detail from sfnewsletter]

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3 thoughts on “Noe Valley wins, Pacific Heights loses … BIG!

  1. You don’t have to convince me. I’m sold — Noe Valley is hot, hot, hot! Its combination of easy access to downtown plus easy access to freeways; great SF weather; up-scale 24th street; walkable neighborhood; parks galore. It is a wonderful, wonderful place to live.

    Pacific Heights is very nice too . . . .

  2. I agree. both are great neighborhoods, in their own right. Moving from Pacific Heights as a former renter, to a homeowner in Noe valley 23 years ago..makes me……..v e r y happy.

    Noe V is not perfect.. not sure 24th st is what you’d called’s sorta cute..but there are some vacant storefronts, some really run down properties right on the commercial strip..the Bell parking lot is very suburban and not a good mix for pedestrians..lot’s of gum on the street…and yea, dog shit now and then…but yes, its full of energy, a few good restaurants ( too many double wide strollers)..

    I actually think Upper Fillmore in PH is more upscale than 24th st in NV.

    But, I have no complaints overall. NV is my home and it’s great.

  3. These days 24th is at least two notches below Cole Valley, though the Noe Valley Voice would never admit such.

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