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A reader kindly asks about 2746 Gough #1 in Cow Hollow, and 120 Cherry in Presidio Heights, so I thought we’d give the answers.


120 Cherry is a home that hadn’t been on the market…ever, since it was built in 1923. (According to the “remarks”.) It is in Presidio Heights, is a trophy home, and it basically flew off the shelf. It most likely fetched multiple offers, and it sold for $3.7M which was $500,000 above asking, and $1243 per square foot. It closed last week, 8/18/07. Click here for details.


2746 Gough #1, was another property that practically flew off the shelf, was asking $1,295,000 and sold for $1,465,000. It closed escrow 7/17/07, and came out to be $776 per square foot. Click here for details.

As always, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about San Francisco real estate. We’re glad to help.  And feel free to rip into that kitchen, cuz that’s what $3.7 mil buys you in Presidio Heights these days.

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  1. Great updates Alex. Thanks. On a price/sqft basis, the Gough St. condo seems like ‘good value.’ I wonder what the quality of that 1,800sqft is. Anybody check it out?

    What do you guys think the SFH premium should be vs. an apartment on a price/sqft basis? 10,20,30%? I personally think the premium is around 20% or so.

    Anybody see this house? I was away last weekend, and now it is in contract.


  2. I missed 2330 Bay St. as well. Interesting the just listed it last week, which is telling as that’s after this credit debacle, and it’s already in contract.

  3. I think to generate more traffic, we need to be more schadenfreude on this blog like others. That way, we can feel better about ourselves. What do you guys think? :)

    There’s this one blog where a guy brags he pulls down $300,000/yr, and gets to rent a $1,500/month apartment. Donno about you, but life is too short to be that cheap!

    [Editor’s note: Explain to me via email what you mean ([email protected]). I’m all ears for switching things up and generating more traffic.]

  4. Hi Alex – Regarding getting more traffic, it’s sexie to highlight the loss of others than the wins of others. Bc, the majority of San Franciscans rent, and hence, to highlight a property that sells higher than expected dampens the majority’s spiit and vice versa. That said, any update on 1330 Chestnut, which was sold last year for $1.05 million? Thnx!

    [Editor’s note: As much as I’d love to get more traffic to the site, I’m hell-bent on keeping the tone of this blog positive. Highlighting the losses of others is not on the top of my priority list. If you want negative media, and bad news about real estate, check out SocketSite. Adam (don’t get fooled by the “we”) is good at that.]

  5. Wondering,

    I’m not sure about the “more” traffic. Craigs’L forum has ended up being a junk of fakes. The whole point of TheFrontSteps is to stay a “best kept secret” moderated by PROFESSIONALS who we know for real (as in ‘any of us can go to his office and tell him in his face that his blog is GREAT” [or crap]).

    read side post about real estate ads on CLs, and how readers do not trust them anymore… It’s hard to say, but sometime you need to stay reasonably sized to maintain your ethic and quality and attraction.

    BTW, I’m here ONLY because I know Alex, and I do respect him as a very good agent – so by extension, I’m interested in reading who HE chose to bring on board of TheFrontSteps – just the same way that I refuse to waste my time on any SFChronicle realestate “news” which are not news anyway.

  6. be careful about letting that word “professional” go to your head. it’s way overused, and especially when it’s done in capital letters.

    remember, there are “professional” muffler installers and trash collectors now, also.

  7. Alex, I agree with you on SocketSite. That is exactly why they get a lot of traffic, b/c he highlights misery to make others feel better about themselves for missing the run up. If I was 38 and still renting, I’d be VERY bitter too, esp if my peers who bought 8 years ago at 30, are living in nice places with tons of equity.

    Any idea about 1330 Chestnut?

    [Editor’s note: Glad you agree, and glad you see the light. ;-) your update on 1330 Chestnut…Prego!]

  8. BTW, i tried to post something positive on SocketSite, and was censored. Socketsite censors any poster, who dissents from its view, that is why you have a difference between their ‘survey’, and the posts (making fun of people, doom and gloom ec).

    [Editor’s note: Very interesting, and I’ve heard this at least 20 times via comments here, and emails to me directly. What can you do? It’s his site, he’s built a great following thanks to the very industry he is trying to bad mouth (real estate). Oh well. Not sure if I want to spend any energy voicing my opinions about that…so I’ll go check the surf instead.]

  9. Alex, thnx for updating on 1330 Chestnut! That is very interesting you’ve heard many comments about SocketSite banning posts as well.

    It’s amazing. That’s why I like this site. It’s the anti-Socket Site.

  10. Alex, the real kicker is the Socketsite founder’s age at 38. A lot of 20’s and early 30 year old people think, ‘gosh if i was just born several years earlier’ I could have made so much money, or it would have been so much easier to buy. If you are 38, and have rented for the past 14 years out of college, then there really is no excuse, and I’d probably be just as anxious to try and bring down an industry that has made my homeowning friends much wealthier over the years.

    I do feel sorry for Adam at Socketsite though, but even more so his followers who will continue missing the boat. 1330 Chestnut is the PERFECT example of a money making opportunity

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