Wanderlust: Big Sur 20 Acre Estate Edition


It’s easy to get lost in thought from this description. Especially coming from the urban jungle we call home here in San Francisco.

Located on Clear Ridge in the heart of Big Sur, this stunning redwood and glass, 3,100 sq. ft. private residence is perfect for family getaways and romantic get-togethers. A peaceful retreat home with vaulted ceilings and skylights, overlooking its own 20-acre meadow, valley and ocean view. No visible neighbors but the deer, a seasonal pond, mature redwoods, oaks, sycamore and other native trees. Private walking trail, ancient redwood-lined stream, large octagonal deck with centerpiece fire pit and natural seating…

You can meet me there. Looks like there is room for all of us. ‘Tis the season of giving and sharing after all…

Big Sur 20 Acre Estate Vacation Rental [airbnb.com]

Wanderlust: Sweden Ain’t All IKEA You Know

As much as I love dealing in, and talking about, San Francisco real estate (because it is really THAT cool), I’ve been known to get a serious case of wanderlust from time. What better way to cure it than going walkabout. Last week was Los Angeles modern, yesterday a glimpse of real estate up Tahoe way, today…Stockholm, Sweden!
In case you’re unable to read Swedish (like me), that’s four bedrooms, three bathrooms, 290 square meters, outdoor space galore, modern kitchen, and all can be yours for a starting bid of 8,900,000 Krona. Don’t have Krona in your pocket, I’m sure they’d take $1,429,562.50 USD too. In fact, I know they would, because the owners will hopefully be putting that cash right here in San Francisco real estate. I just gotta convince them East Bay is inferior to San Francisco, but that shouldn’t be too difficult, San Francisco is where it’s at. Right?

[Update: Just got word two bids are in and the price is pushing north of 9,400,000 Krona. Yes, they use a bidding system in Sweden, and they share the prices being bid with the other side. Imagine that. If only SF were so smart. This whole, “you can’t shop an offer” thing is stupid. If you have a bid, why not tell the other side the price. Sorry…tangent.]

Swedish Modern Home Details [Sotheby’s Stockholm]
Reasons We Live Here [theFrontSteps]
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Walkabout: A True Case Of Wanderlust To The Swiss Alps…JUIZ!!!!


We saw this on Apartment Therapy and just had to share. Simply too cool to pass up. The best part…you don’t have to buy it, you can rent it. Oh, and it’s in Switzerland…JUIZ!!!!

The home is located in the Valsertal at 1250 meters, deep in the Swiss Alps….oh we’ll save the translation. Here:

Het huis ligt aan het einde van het ongerepte ‘Valsertal’ hoog (1250 m) in de Zwitserse Alpen. Het bevindt zich direct naast het wereldberoemde Therme Vals van Peter Zumthor en aan de rand van het dorp. Het combineert de nabijheid van alle noodzakelijke voorzieningen met een fantastisch uitzicht op de ongeschonden natuur van de bergen en de vallei. Op loopafstand gelegen zijn de bakker, supermarkt, postkantoor, bank, restaurants en het dorpsplein. De gratis pendelbus Therme-Dorf-Bahn stopt tijdens het skiseizoen aan de lagergelegen weg. Het skigebied is heerlijk rustig. U kunt er tot 3000 meter hoogte skiën. Het huis met terras biedt veel privacy en is omgeven door een ruime tuin en een berghelling van 1.300 m2.


The description of the house is just as amazing, and we’re dying to get there:

Het huis – ongeveer 160 m2 groot – is geheel in de bergwand ingegraven. Het biedt plaats aan tien personen (maximaal twaalf indien met minimaal vier kleine kinderen) en is omgeven door een zonnige, grote tuin met veel privacy. Een grote glazen pui opent naar een terras (60 m2) en biedt een spectaculair uitzicht op groene weiden (sneeuwhellingen in de winter) en bergtoppen.

If that doesn’t give you Wanderlust, we don’t know what kind of real estate porn will. (You think we’re joking…we understand those descriptions, you don’t? If you know German, you’ll at least get the gist.)

[Update: Hats off to woyouwenti, for giving you all the translation.]

Villa Vals
[Images ALL pulled from Apartment Therapy]

Is It The Price Or The Mold That Brought You Here?

From $138,900 to $49,900 (the magic number) 880 Ashwood Ave, Vallejo, CA was quite simply too good to pass up.

We’re not sure if it was the price that was so eye-catching ($49,900..oh! Too late, it’s “pending”) or the property description:

REO/bank-owned property. Property has mold. Mold inspection report indicates the need for mold remediation for the entire house. Property may not qualify for coventional financing. Seller will give buyer 3% of purchase price to be applied to closing cost. Repairs credit: 0.

Kinda like, “I’ll practically give you my house, but if you ask me to fix anything, take a hike!”

Go ahead, walk around the corner and see what you find:

Regardless, it’s something to note and certainly something to consider, not to mention it got us out of the city for a little walk.