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In San Francisco $480,000 Buys You 256 Square Feet | In Nashville…

In San Francisco $480,000 Buys You 256 Square Feet | In Nashville…

It’s time for a little comparison shopping to slap you in the face on this Tuesday morning.

We’ll get right down to it, leaving the commentary to you and your friends.

According to the “Fun Facts” on your favorite real estate information site, The Goods, $480,000 gets you 256 (yes, that’s two hundred fifty six) square feet of two-level loft living in downtown San Francisco at 83 McAllister St.

As stated in the marketing, ” Now you can own in the city for what you pay in rent…” True, but there has to be an asterisk in there somewhere for that statement.

Or you could take that same $480,000 (actually only $475,000) and buy this home in Nashville, TN…all 5 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, and 3,482 square feet of it:

Bonus…maybe you’ll see Elvis’ ghost. Otherwise, you better be really into whatever it is they do in Nashville, because I’m cramming my kids in those bike lockers on McAllister before I move there.

All joking aside, Nashville is a great place with a ton of good reasons to be there. We just had a client sell a home here in San Francisco and move out there and she couldn’t be happier.

As for you, let your mind wander, and let us know when you, or anyone you know, need help buying that tiny loft downtown, or a big home by the beach. That’s what we do.



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