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The Anti-Facebook Effect

San Francisco is all abuzz about the Facebook Effect, and how it’s fueling our real estate market. It’s a good thought indeed, but also important to note that for as many articles published about it, it is, in fact, just opinion and a lot of hype. I, for one, am thankful to see another type […]

Facebook Friday Open House? Really? Come On!

It took exactly less than one full day for the real estate industry to latch on to yet more of the Facebook effect hype, and send off a bit of spam that caught my eye: Facebook Friday Open House? Really? How about just “Come see this amazing house on Friday”. Why Facebook Friday? Any reports […]

The Facebook IPO And San Francisco Real Estate…Birds Of A F...

Our friends over at Movoto recently published a blog article about how the Facebook IPO will create at least $1 Billion in Bay Area property value, and they asked me to share it with you, so I am. There is certainly a TON of hype surrounding Facebook’s IPO, and with good reason. Everybody likes to […]

3843 22nd Street (Noe Valley) Has A Nice Kitchen And A Pool…...

Thirty eight forty three (3843) 22nd Street in Noe Valley is hitting the market* any minute, and you’re getting your first look inside, right here. Unassuming from the front, but dramatic on the inside, you know you want this property. If you happen to work at Facebook, Google, Salesforce, Twitter, Zynga, or any of the […]

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