The Facebook IPO And San Francisco Real Estate…Birds Of A Feather

Our friends over at Movoto recently published a blog article about how the Facebook IPO will create at least $1 Billion in Bay Area property value, and they asked me to share it with you, so I am.

There is certainly a TON of hype surrounding Facebook’s IPO, and with good reason. Everybody likes to speculate, and everybody wishes they were a part of Facebook (either as investor or employee) so, they too, could cash in on its success.

Since we’re on the subject of the Facebook IPO and San Francisco real estate, and how every real estate agent in the Bay Area wants a piece of Facebook’s success, you might as well read the other articles I’ve read too:

-Movoto: Facebook IPO Creates at least $1 Billion in Bay Area Property Value
-L.A. Times: Facebook IPO Fuels Bay Area Spending Boom
-Redfin Forums: Facebook IPO will make the housing market go crazy?
-SF Gate: Facebook IPO is Sizzling Up Silicon Valley Real Estate
-CNN Money: The Facebook Effect On San Francisco Real Estate
-Jackson/Fuller: The Facebook Hype Machine
-ABC News: Facebook IPO expected to boost Silicon Valley Economy
-The Basis Point: Facebook Effect on San Francisco Real Estate: It’s Very Real

As I read (learn of) more, I’ll add them here. Feel free to share with us.

3 thoughts on “The Facebook IPO And San Francisco Real Estate…Birds Of A Feather

  1. Hi Alex. Very informative links all around. Thanks for including us in the discussion!

    Your friends at Movoto.

  2. Hey Alex, thanks for the links to my piece on and also CNNMoney. Very interesting piece by Movoto too. Good linkfest all around. Cheers.

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