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Update: Transbay Terminal

We’ll get a nice photo for you when we have time, but for now, we wanted to point you to for the dirt on the Transbay Terminal. Some quotes: Construction set to begin in November 2008 Open for business in August 2009 for Phase 1, close the existing Transbay Terminal (note that Golden Gate […]

The jury is in on the Transbay Terminal

Yet another reason I HIGHLY recommend you subscribe to the San Francisco Business Times or at least periodically check their site. The jury is in on the Transbay Terminal: The jury charged with ranking three proposals for San Francisco’s tallest building and the new Transbay Terminal has picked the team of developer Hines and architect […]

Downtown is getting more UPtown… (Transbay Terminal)

Having been out of office chasing bears, inhaling unhealthy doses of dust and smoke (not those kinds), and gazing at the zillions of stars that exist above (it’s foggy most nights in the Richmond), it’s time to get back in the swing of things. What better way to get things going than with a few […]

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