Update: Transbay Terminal

We’ll get a nice photo for you when we have time, but for now, we wanted to point you to RinconHillSF.org for the dirt on the Transbay Terminal.


Some quotes:

Construction set to begin in November 2008

Open for business in August 2009 for Phase 1, close the existing Transbay Terminal (note that Golden Gate Transit and SamTrans will still use the Mission Street semi-circle driveway off Mission)

Phase 2 completion in October 2009 will move Golden Gate Transit and SamTrans over to the temporary terminal area following the removal of the eastern Transbay Terminal ramp from the Beale/Howard corner of the site

New Transbay Transit Center building is scheduled for completion and the temporary terminal is scheduled to be closed in January 2014

The Redevelopment Agency will develop mixed use retail/housing (most likely affordable, BMR rentals from what I’ve heard) on the Temporary Transbay Terminal land along with a park (yeah!!! We must make sure the park comes to fruition by staying engaged in this process as a neighborhood!). The mixed use development will tentatively happen along Howard Street and along Folsom Street with the park in the middle of the two strips of buildings.

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The jury is in on the Transbay Terminal

Yet another reason I HIGHLY recommend you subscribe to the San Francisco Business Times or at least periodically check their site. The jury is in on the Transbay Terminal:




The jury charged with ranking three proposals for San Francisco’s tallest building and the new Transbay Terminal has picked the team of developer Hines and architect Pelli Clarke Pelli as its recommendation. The Pelli/Hines team beat out Forest City and architect Sir Richard Rogers, which was ranked second, and Rockefeller Group and Skidmore Merrill Owings, which landed in the third spot. The Hines/Pelli proposal includes an understated, 82-story, oblisk-shaped tower with a 5.5-acre CityPark above the terminal bus parking. At a recent Chamber of Commerce presentation of the three plans, Hines Executive Vice President Paul Paradis called the proposal “a real project.” “If we were to be selected we could go ahead and build this,” said Paradis. The full jury report was expected to be posted on the Transbay Joint Powers Authority web site this afternoon. The jury’s recommendation is subject to the approval of the TJPA board.–sf business times email alert

The winning Transbay terminal proposal by developer Hines and architect Pelli Clarke Pelli offered $350 million for the tower property, more than twice what the other two teams were willing to pay, according to the nine-person jury appointed by the Transbay Joint Powers Authority.–sf business times article by J.K. Dineen

Jury Picks Hines for Transbay Tower [San Francisco Business Times-J.K.Dineen]

transbaycenter.org [website]

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Downtown is getting more UPtown… (Transbay Terminal)

Having been out of office chasing bears, inhaling unhealthy doses of dust and smoke (not those kinds), and gazing at the zillions of stars that exist above (it’s foggy most nights in the Richmond), it’s time to get back in the swing of things. What better way to get things going than with a few quality photos , and a report on the state of Transbay Terminal and the competition for the “West Coast’s tallest building.”

Plan B (left), Plan A (right), Plan C (bottom)



Sorry One Rincon Hill. Your time at the top was well-deserved, but looks to be short-lived.

A summary of the three plans quoted from SFGate: