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If You Must Leave San Francisco, Chew On This

Every time we leave San Francisco we’re reminded just how great this city is, and sometimes we write posts about it. We often have our words taken out of context and are continually blasted for being selfish, sleazy Realtors, and we must always aim to please everyone all the time, because anyone is a potential […]

Reasons We Live Here #15: Iconic Architecture

There are many reasons WE live here in San Francisco, and certainly many reasons YOU live here, so feel free to share with us. We captured this photo just yesterday evening on walkabout in North Beach, and thought, “damn that’s cool!” Just another reason we live here…great (iconic) architecture old and new all around us.

Reason We Live Here #12

The best big wave surfers of the world converge just down our highway in Half Moon Bay…when conditions permit: But when is a local boy, like Ryan Seelbach or Grant Washburn going to take top honors? The Santa Cruz boys are getting beaten pretty good, but what’s up with the South African and San Clemente […]

Reason We Live Here #11

Because guys like this can be your friends and clients. Ryan Seelbach, absolutely charging at Maverick’s, and bringing it home for San Francisco! To gain some perspective on the magnitude of this photo and wave, Ryan is 6’6″…Break out your rulers and calculate that wave height for a second. Or go outside and find the […]

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