Unique is an Understatement (2901 Pine)

[Update: Sold June 2007 for $2,300,000]


2901 Pine St. is one of those properties you only wish you had the guts to do (assuming you’re remodeling). The place is sweet! (In our opinion) We literally just walked out of there and were so impressed, we came to post. You must check it out.

Formerly a commercial space (neighbors claim it was a liquor store, grocer, yoga studio, office), it is now a 3 bed, 2.5 bath 3,282 square foot Victorian Modern (that’s what we’re calling it) single family residence on the corner of Pine and Baker asking $2,350,000. 

What sold us is the towering Atrium entryway, the extensive use of glass, the catwalk, the master bedroom/bathroom suite, and since they went modern, what masterpiece would be complete without bamboo flooring.

It is yet another unique property that gives us yet another reason we live here. Remind us to let you know what it sells for (or if you’d like to go see it), because it will sell,  it’s just a matter of when.

2901 Pine [Pacific Union]

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One thought on “Unique is an Understatement (2901 Pine)

  1. COOOOOOOL! you can actually take your bath while chatting with your guests 2floors below! ;-)

    not for me. I need my privacy and DOORS to keep the kids out of my precious and rare sleep :-) but this is totally awsome.

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