Follow up to Reason we live here #1

On March 29th, we posted our very first reason we live herewith 3335 Clay, a 2bed, 2 bath condo in Presidio Heights asking $1,125,000, and a reader kindly commented there is “no way this property sells for over a million”. We’re not out to prove anyone wrong, or discount our readers (we love all of you!), but there is something to be said about the importance of getting the story. So here it is.
The place received six offers, four of them more than 10% over asking (remember asking is already over one million), and the agent gets calls every other day from three of the thwarted buyers hoping it will fall out of escrow.
We loved it, and obviously quite a few others did as well. Not to fear, those type of properties come around all the time…or not.  ;-)

We’re guessing it goes 15-20% over, which would mean it will indeed sell over a million…knock on wood. 

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One thought on “Follow up to Reason we live here #1

  1. Dang, u guys rock with your insight. I will now officially be a regular! I am so glad you guys are highlighting real time, real examples which prove the virility of the market. It’s refreshing!
    Great job guys!
    [Editor’s note: Welcome Tier1Prop! I’m glad you like what you see. Please spread the word.]

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