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Green prefab?

by Tiffany Elston I know what you’re probably thinking: a “green” prefab? Aren’t prefabs generally characterized by their cheap (and toxic) materials with no real aesthetic appeal? Well that was until now! West Coast Green has decided to bring in a whole, full size beautiful green prefab to sit in Civic Center Plaza for the […]

Green Home Tour San Francisco

Continuing the green thoughts, we receive some information from our green experts about a green tour, which might save you some green, and ultimately help green this city. However, you might keep the Land Rover LR3 parked in your green garage for this tour. 😉 by Tiffany Elston San Francisco’s first green home tour Build […]

comment du jour: 520 Clipper and being “green”

We get such a kick out of some of the comments that go un-noticed, we thought we’d grab a few from time to time. Today’s “quote du jour” comes from Joe Schmoe on “Go Green” regarding the Lorax Development Clipper House. Important to note before you see the quote, this home had features like “the […]

Various Updates (Alhambra, Sea Cliff, 22nd, Sacramento, Douglass,...

Our readers have been asking in various places about some properties we featured as of late. Since so many have asked so nicely here you go: 3280 22nd St @ Valencia, the “green” building that all the blogs were all hot about and many claiming wouldn’t sell. Guess what? Last week, in the middle of […]

Bamboo, mud, “green” and earthquakes?

from “Eddy” via Core 77.   “Could be the new housing trend in SF greenhome building…” “The benefits of mud construction aren’t just confined to the Third World, [Environmental engineer Dominic Dowling] says. “Look at the massive amount of energy required to build modern houses using steel and concrete. There’s the energy required to make those […]

1771 North Point: A done deal…and no price! :-(

It’s another one of those damn “non-disclosure agreements” that is going to spoil our ability to accurately track sales around the city in real time for homes, and especially trophy properties. Yes indeed, 1771 North Point is scheduled to close escrow tomorrow (July 13th, 2007), and they’re not sharing the price. Oh well…it sold, and […]

The Time is Right for Solar

by Tiffany Elston Everyone’s talking about climate change, carbon footprints, and that shade of “green” that seems to be increasingly infiltrating every major publication. Buildings are a huge proponent of climate change, consuming 36% of total energy use, 65% of electricity consumption, and contributing to 30% of greenhouse gas emissions. Installing a solar photovoltaic (PV) […]

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