Maximum Overbid: Riding Into the Sunset

Another week, another shockingly high San Francisco western neighborhoods overbid–or at least that’s how it feels sometimes.

This week’s number one overbid is once again an Outer Sunset prospect, a three bed, two bath house at 2026 47th Avenue that originally listed for $995K but closed this week for $1.6 million, a spike of more than 60 percent.

Although there are exceptions, it can feel like almost every week’s top overbid happens somewhere in the quadrant of inner and outer Sunset and/or Parkside, collectively dubbed “district 2” by local realtors.

So do Sunset homes like this sell for more because they’re hot prospects, or just because there are more homes here to sell and thus more chances for a big winner?

Looking back, MLS discloses 5,671 San Francisco homes sold so far this year, out of which 461 came out of D2. That’s a pretty good chunk, but it’s not the record: D10, which covers almost the entire southeast side, provided 1,448. And there are three other districts that have sold more housing stock, including second-place D5 at 877.

But even though those neighborhoods sell more overall, they rarely take the top spot on our overbids list. Of course, that’s a very abstract statistic and not necessarily that consequential–but at the same time, it should make Sunset home sellers happy about their near future.

AddressBR/BA/UnitsDOMList PriceSold PriceOverbid
2026 47th Avenue3/2.00/N/A12$995,000$1,600,00060.80%
214 Putnam Street3/4.00/N/A8$998,000$1,530,00053.31%
201 Berkeley Way4/3.00/N/A13$2,495,000$3,520,00041.08%
170 Prague Street4/2.00/N/A7$928,000$1,266,00036.42%
4727 25th Street3/2.00/N/A4$1,845,000$2,510,00036.04%
3487 Washington Street4/2.00/5$2,750,000$3,650,00032.73%
411 Banks Street4/2.00/N/A7$1,450,000$1,900,00031.03%
1425 7th Avenue5/2.00/N/A12$1,925,000$2,510,00030.39%
319 Montcalm Street3/2.00/N/A6$1,799,000$2,325,00029.24%
1274 Sanchez Street2/1.00/N/A10$1,259,000$1,625,00029.07%

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