SOLD | 547 Missouri | Potrero Hill | $4,700,000 … and some thoughts

Imagine for a minute you can live multiple places at multiple times in the same body, mind, and spirit. Now imagine you had unlimited funds to go along with this dream. Imagine you had friends in all of those places and nobody knew your body, mind and spirit were living in another location. Where would YOU live?

Would it be a large single family home in our great city of San Francisco, or would it be a straw shack on a remote island in the middle of the Pacific? Would it be modern, rustic, gigantic, tiny, retro? How would you live? Simply, or extravagantly?

So where am I going with this? It’s fairly simple. Nearly every property I help my clients get, I could see myself living in. Every property I help my clients sell, I look at with open eyes and love certain things about every one of them…whether it’s a view, a kitchen, a bathroom, a countertop, a yard, you name it. I come home and tell my wife we’re going to do this and that or the other (she loves it). Just when I’ve determined that’s exactly what I want, I fall for the next property. It’s a vicious cycle.

So when I helped my clients get this most awesome, from the ground up, remodeled home in Potrero Hill, I wished I could buy it. But then I helped some other clients get in contract on another property, and I wished I could buy that too. I referred some friends to Tahoe, saw what they could get up there, and wished I could buy all of them too. It’s torture, sort of.

Luckily, it’s short lived as I remain fairly busy thanks to all of you, and as long as you wonderful clients keep coming our way, we will keep helping you buy and sell the homes of my dreams.

Congratulations to my clients that just secured 547 Missouri in Potrero Hill, and congratulations to all involved.

Thinking of buying/selling some Bay Area terra firma? Think no more, and give us a shout. We’re here to help…as much as it pains us to keep falling for your properties only to know we’ll never have them for ourselves.

547 Missouri [the Goods]

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