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SOLD Privately | Heart Of The Mission Residence | $5,460,000

SOLD Privately | Heart Of The Mission Residence | $5,460,000

In an unprecedented turn of events, we’re pleased to report the successful off market sale of a VERY unique property in the heart of the Mission. It’s not everyday something like this happens, but we’re thrilled for our clients that it did, and the buyer is thrilled as well.

We keep telling you there are many ways to sell property in San Francisco, so if you’re even remotely considering selling, give us a shout. Privacy can be protected. MLS does not have to be used. Painting, staging, open houses, for sale signs, flyers, none of it is needed if you get the price you want…and then some.

The only thing we feel at liberty to share…the price: $5,460,000

Wondering about that awesome photo? You can find more here.

San Francisco’s Private Listing Place [theFrontSteps]
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