Stunner: 4356 25th Street Sold Within 15 Days*

This little Noe Valley gem (3 bed, 3 bath, “Mid-Century Modern”, single family home asking $2,579,000) had been burning the candle off the market for quite some time (we showed it to some clients well before it hit MLS), and we thought it was quite a nice house (especially the graduated ceiling).


Maybe it’s not a complete stunner since the sales price comes with an asterisk (means sales price not disclosed), but it is a little bit of a silver lining to this incredibly dark cloud we’re under. (Something tells us we’re going to see more and more of that little asterisk.)

[Editor’s Note: Our little “*” in the title means it was on MLS 15 days, but certainly quietly marketed for much more than that.]

4356 25th Street [listing details]

3 thoughts on “Stunner: 4356 25th Street Sold Within 15 Days*

  1. this site’s editors and readers are far too plugged in for an informed tip on closing price not to appear in an anonymous comment. the price will be revealed eventually — come on, spill the beans ;)

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