Labor Day is over…now what?

Labor Day is behind us, which typically marks the beginning of Real Estate season. Many buyers are waiting for that special place to hit the market, and many sellers are getting their homes ready to place in the increasingly critical public eye, and hoping they sell prior to the looming Holiday Doldrums. More and more real estate blogs and “watch dogs” are among us, countless real estate listing sites have sprung up, and the mortgage market continues to spiral downward. Considerable amounts of money (new and old) are still pouring into the San Francisco economy, and those with means still have no problem qualifying for, and attaining, top-notch loans at insanely low rates.

By all accounts things are going to be interesting. Specifically, I’m busier than I’ve ever been. Generally, I think I’m lucky.

So now what?

2 thoughts on “Labor Day is over…now what?

  1. “Busier than you’ve ever been”? The Marina Times quotes Elaine at Hill and

    Company with the exact same phrase. According to her, All of her many

    listings get multiple offers. The apparent down side to her prosperity?

    She hasn’t even been to her Maui condo since March

  2. I’m pretty busy right now too. Things have definitely shifted though. For one thing forty percent down for non owner occupied is a big change.

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