Poof! Zee computer is dead! Mac or PC is now the question

…and with that, my computer is toast (writing this remotely). There will be no posts today, but I did get sfnewsletter done. Check it out by clicking “see a sample” on that page. Until I get up and running again on my own machine (likely a Mac this time), twitter might have to suffice.

A little help on the Mac or PC decision would be appreciated. Main uses: Internet, Gmail, photo resizing and sharpening. Rarely use Word, Excell, and never use Outlook.

So…Mac or PC? What should I do!?

26 thoughts on “Poof! Zee computer is dead! Mac or PC is now the question

  1. Mac. It’s a no brainer. I got a mac a while back because I had to write some code for iphone (after 10 years of not writing any code). I’d recommend the intel macbook pro 15″. You can hook it up to a 24″ lcd and it’s pretty sweet. If you can find an apple employee, you can get a 15% employee discount.

    The first thing you notice is how fast it wakes up from hibernation. My old windows machine would take 3-4 minutes to wake up, and about 10 minutes to reboot. On the mac it is instantaneous.

    But then I am partial. Apple still runs on some software I wrote 10 years ago :)

  2. Are you f’ing kidding me! Mac, hands down. No debate, no choice. Especially if you are also considering the iphone like your twitter page said.

  3. Get a Mac, because you can do both, if you need to. While I lust after a new 15″ MBP, I think for most people they’re overkill, and they’re just too big to be really portable. If you don’t play 3D games or have whizbang graphics requirements, a nice white MacBook should suffice.

  4. Facing a similar decision not too long ago, I went with the MacBook Pro… Considering you will probably spend hours and hours a day with this new decision, it will probably be worth splurging a bit on something that works really well… :)

  5. mac, mac, mac, mac, mac…

    Easiest decision ever…

    Seriously, Vista was invented by Al Qaeda..

  6. Last time I checked MACs did not run the MLS all that great, among many other database platforms. Food for thought.

  7. The MLS works fine on Firefox… not on Safari, however.

    And, yes, if you need database software, you’ll need a PC.. but you’ll always come home to Mac.

    I have a pc laptop for some database stuff… and it’s still terrible.

    I’ve had endless battles with tech support because Vista hates everything you install on it.

  8. You’ll have more options going PC. Seriously there all the same (features, capabilities, made in China – oh, except Macs are ‘designed in California’ haha ) except Apple charges you twice as much.

  9. Mac without an hesitation.

    Anybody with EASY access to the genius bar has no excuse not to take the jump. (and it’s not that you have access to one bar – there are 3 in SF, and many more anywhere you are in the BayArea).


    we have used the bar for anything from a burned power supply to messed up upgrades etc.

    and the bar does NOT require an internet connection, just your legs to go there, so you are NOT stuck with an Indian in India telling you to click on internet to check this or that when you phone because you cant get on the web.

    And IF you spilled your coffee on the keyboard, it’s so easier to walk to a bar than to phone, ship, track the shipment etc with another brand.

  10. I made the switch to Mac just about a month ago after putting WAY too much thought into it. You’ve got some solid advice with the comments here. The learning curve is a snap, MLS — no worries on Safari, and the User experience of using a Mac trumps PC hands down.

  11. you answered your own query with those requirements alex. mac all the way. office works fine on the mac too. entourage will make it so you don’t even miss outlook on your pc. the integration with ipods/iphone, your camera, etc. make it an even easier decision.

  12. How many of you guys recommending MAC are realtors, using the more in-depth features of the SFARMLS? Because, honestly, for a period a while back (like two years ago) I had to use a Mac with Safari and it really frustrated me over and over again. This may have been fixed in the interim, tho. I wouldn’t know that.

  13. not safari. firefox.

    And yes, it has been mentioned several times that the new sfmls doesnt work anymore on safari. the latest update of sfmls (3-4 months ago?) breaking all the things that were still kindof working.

    Alex or anybody else. If you want to try a mac, just ask. I’m sure many of us will give you access to try specific things/pages/applications before you buy.

  14. what DOESNT work (and p* me off) is the instant watch on Netflix (not the easy way):

    Our apologies — instant watching is currently not supported for Macintosh.

    Our goal is for Netflix members to enjoy movies and TV shows on whatever screen they want. We’re required to use Digital Rights Management to protect movies watched instantly online, and right now we only have approval for this protection on Windows Operating systems, not the Mac.

    Apple does not license their DRM solution to third parties, which has made this more difficult, but we are working with the studios and content owners to gain approval for other solutions. As soon as a studio-approved DRM for the Mac is available to us, whether from Apple or another source, we will move quickly to provide a movie viewer that enables you to watch movies from Netflix instantly on your Mac.

    In the meantime, you can use your account to watch instantly on any compatible PC, and Intel-based Macintosh computers can watch movies instantly using Boot Camp, Parallels, or Fusion to run Windows. Also, your Macintosh is fully compatible with adding titles to the Instant Queue for later watching on compatible devices, as well as to have a playlist ready to go when we do enable Macintosh watching.

    so if that’s an important feature… think about it. (the same way, list all the important stuff you want to be able to do on your computer, and check anc double check).

  15. One thing you’ll need to consider is the re-acquisition of software licenses for your mac. Assuming you have already paid for some software for Windows, then switching to mac would require you to ‘buy’ the licenses again. One way to get around this is to run a virtual machine like Fusion on your mac — then install Windows in the virtual machine, and install all the software that you have Windows licenses for; so you do not have to buy the software again.

  16. I agree Sofie “firefox not safari” after installing citrix through safari SFARMLS seems to be working as fine as it did on my PC. Which means: not to my liking – clunky – but getting better I suppose ;)


    I use FF for everything else.

    Alex, my further recommend is that you take a look at the MAC in on of the local stores. The help there is amazing. and they may just let you download citrix to get on MLS and give it a whirl if you explain to them your needs. Either this or contact me and I can let you take a look at my set up. 415.999.3487

    FWIW I still have PC’s in my office that I use for other older systems we have in place. The user interface of the MLS looks much cleaner on windows but works faster on my MBP.

  17. Thanks for all the feedback! I’m still listening if you have more. I plan on going to a store and trying everything out, and Fluj, I have emaled SFAR/Rappatoni to hear what they have to say about it. I’ll let everyone know what I find out. Working from the office now…not the home office as usual…and it sucks! Need to get it sorted soon. Lots of juicy R.E. to report. Like a reader mentioned, 188 Minna #33D is back on the market, my client has bailed on it. One offer on my 1980 Sutter fell through, but another is in my inbox. And so much more.

    thanks to all of you!

  18. Get a MacBook Pro from Apple’s Refurbished Store. You can save up to 35% off current retail price for one processor speed back in the evolution. The full warranty applies and it is a great way to save on the best computers made.


  19. If cost is a concern, PCs are definitely cheaper.

    Alex, if you do decide on a MacBook Pro 15″, I know someone who used hers only a few times and decided she’d rather buy a PC. The only downside of it is that it has OS X, not Leopard. Feel free to contact me.

  20. Actually, if cash is a concern, PC costs less out of pocket. However, if “cost” is a concern, Mac is much cheaper over the lifetime.

    Just check craigslist or eBay. The resale value of Macs are crazy. For example, 3-year old Mac Mini G4 still fetches $300 (it retailed for $500). A three year old PC is not even worth the hassle to sell these days. And some 5-year old Macs (867mhz G4 or later) still run Leopard. Try run Vista on 1Ghz P3.

    And you get the best of both worlds. Use Boot Camp to install Windows on your Mac.

  21. I’m leaning towards a mac, and continue to absorb the feedback. I’m using my old laptop right now and it is killing me!

    Regarding MLS on a Mac, this from my tech guy at Zephyr:

    “the best way to access MLS on a mac is to:

    1. Have an Intel based mac (any mac made in the last two years)

    2. Use VM Ware, which is essentially a fully functional virtual windows machine running running on your Mac. This technology just gets better as it evolves.”

    my reply, “So if I were to walk into a Mac store tomorrow, I should have no

    problems using ALL the features of Rappatoni?”

    His reply to that, “As long as you:

    1. Get vm ware fusion.

    2. Have a licensed copy of windows xp for installtion

    3. Have us set it up for mls zephyr use. We have a lot of experince with this.”

    Hope that helps all you other Realtors struggling with Macs on MLS.

  22. Funny that this is the most responded to thread….. lots of lurkers out there. Come on people — post more on other threads…. it’s half the fun.

    Alex, get a MacAir. Unless you are doing video editing you don’t need anything else other than a MacAir with the regular disk drive (get the external dvd drive though). I would skip the Pro series as they are really too big and unnecessary for your average consumer. If budget is not an issue. get the MacAir. If budget is an issue — get the MacBook loaded up.

    And don’t worry about VM or other stuff until you’ve determined that you absolutely need it. I’d bet $50 bucks that you will not.

  23. The verdict….I’m using my “second” Dell at the moment, waiting for my recovered files back to load on here, reboot my iTunes, and photos that we thought were lost and get all that sorted. As for lost documents and files…who really needs that shit anyway! ;-) Then, once my next deal closes (and I have time to breathe), I’ll be heading into the Mac store armed with all of your great feedback and purchasing a Mac (likely not do the refurbished option, but thanks for the tip). It’s time for a change!

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