“…all this posting of properties on blogs just complicates things.”

Says Realtor to us after not disclosing to him the address of a pocket listing [off market deal] we had known about. (This after his client contacted us directly interested in the property, and the selling agent made us swear on our grandmother’s grave not to disclose the address [publicly online] to anyone in order to post to our site.)

I have to ask, what does it complicate? You missing out on a deal, or your clients knowing about off market deals before you (essentially knowing more than you)? They already have complete access to MLS, so why not bring them the growing number of off market opportunities too?

It’s called transparency, social networking, and the power of the internet. Get used to it, and plan on losing some clients in the future. You almost lost one, but you’re lucky he’s loyal to you.

[Explicative removed citing poor judgment and bad choice of word.] (You know who you are, and we hope you’re reading this.)

7 thoughts on ““…all this posting of properties on blogs just complicates things.”

  1. Alex:

    Could you explain the “transparency” involved in needing to swear secrecy on your grandmother’s grave of relevant listing info? Thanks…

  2. Mikey,

    Thanks for pointing this out. I changed the post. We were not able to disclose the address publicly online on this blog, but should interested parties have contacted us, we screened them, they were either taken to the property, or their agent (after agreeing to cooperate) was given the address. This agent refused to cooperate, but we ended up giving the address to his client anyway.

    Transparency comes by providing information about properties that prior to the internet was not readily available.

    I ask, would you rather know about an “off market deal in Bernal Heights” that might fit what you’re looking for, and we give you more information after contacting us, or prefer not to know about it at all and potentially miss an opportunity, because the deals we’re talking about are not listed in MLS?

    p.s. I’m out of office and away from the computer the rest of the day, so won’t be able to respond.

  3. Every situation is different, and this particular seller wants to keep it very much on the down low. In normal circumstances, yes. The more exposure the better.

  4. Touche on the transparency comment. If this post wasn’t so righteous with its “Web 2.0” lecture next to a “pocket” (is this 1999 or what?) listing it might have had more credibility. The complexity and flim flam double speak with a gatekeeper qualification process hardly speaks to transparency and open community. Please.

    [Editor’s note: Huh?]

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