San Francisco Fog, Wind, And Micro-Climates…So Where Should You Buy Your Home?

Long time readers will remember this one…


We get these kind of inquiries all the time, and it’s certainly something up for debate, as we all have our own comfort levels as to what is considered warm or “nice”. Heck, Dave Navarro of Jane’s Addiction lives in Sunny warm L.A., but by following his Twitter feed, you’d think he’s better suited for living in foggy Outer Sunset of San Francisco. So a reader brings up the question and maybe this time we’ll get some definitive answers as to just how different one district’s weather is from the other. (We’re going to ask for a little link help from our friends at Curbed Sf and SFist to help spread the word.):

I’m looking to buy and comparing districts, everyone says : Mission and Noe are much warmer, get more sun,…

Is there a good resource that shows sun-hours and temperature (average/per month) like this below would, but by district:
Climate in San Francisco County

It would be quite interesting to many buyers I think!



Our answer, take a look at the San Francisco Districts Map (as it pertains to real estate). Take a ruler, draw a straight line from District 7a (Marina) to district 3J (Oceanview). Anything to the left (west), cold(er) and windy most of the year. Anything to the right (east), warm(er) and windy most of the year.
Simple as that?

We’re thinking there should be a lot more little red lines running all over this map, but the simpleton in us said to do it this way…

I had a little extra time on my hands while child #2 napped. Basic, rudimentary mockup here:

Yellow circles are generally where it is warmer. Arrows indicate wind. The larger the arrow, the stronger the wind. The white line down the middle is generally the fog line.

This is by no means 100% accurate and the fog, sun, and wind in San Francisco always find a way to do unexpected things in unexpected places. So don’t sue me if you buy a home in the yellow circle and you wake up one morning to the fog.

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-Thank you to the New York Times for finding and featuring this blog post in their awesome article about San Francisco / Coastal Fog. Our nano-climates are WAY more complicated than this simple map I mocked up years ago, and I’ve learned a lot more about our weather and neighborhoods since this post, so drop me a line anytime if you’d like to discuss my experiences with San Francisco fog, wind, and weather.

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