Horn tooting! theFrontSteps gets accolades (yet again)

Nobody likes a jumpclaimer, especially in these here parts, but every now and then you gotta toot your own horn.

Just as soon as The Registry gets their newest edition up and running online, we’ll link to it, but for now, this is what was said in a recent column “Navigating the Bay Area Real Estate Blogosphere”, where they took a look at (IMO) the best of the local real estate blogs (save for a few):

The Front Steps

Founded and maintained by Realtor Alex Clark, who also writes an independent real estate newsletter (sfnewsletter.com) and a column for the San Francisco Examiner, The Front Steps is a down-to-earth perspective on the San Francisco real estate market. It hosts a variety of features-informative charts, graphs and photos-as well as entries on crime waves in certain areas or debates between Realtors on housing inventory. The blog stays San Francisco-based, which endows endless information for anyone who lives in the city or aspires to do so. The blog provides tremendous data on the market and should be on any professional’s and serious market insider’s watch list.

No…they were not paid or wooed into writing that. But we’ll take it.

Definition of jumpclaimer: Somebody who always points out their best tricks.

6 thoughts on “Horn tooting! theFrontSteps gets accolades (yet again)

  1. Nice work guys! I think your site is great and definitely a must-read. Keep up the good work.

  2. @ lefty,

    They have all kinds of real estate reporters, but I’m on as an “Examiner”. A new program they just launched that brings together “experts” in each arena that aren’t necessarily reporters. Kind of a social media/blog meets mainstream reporting. I’ve been slacking on it though. I’ll get in there and write a few things soon.

  3. they have an entire real estate section on the weekends, too. am i the only one who reads it?

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