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Can I ask your professional opinion on Cole Valley in general?

I am concerned about the SF market even though it hasn’t been that bad. Not sure if another shoe will be dropping. I am not interested in selling, but am looking to buy out the other 50% share of a house in Cole Valley from a family member.

Since we already own half, it seems like we would be ahead of the game. I just wanted to ask you as a real estate professional. I noticed that an old bungalow house in the 1500 block of Shrader with 2 bedrooms went for 1.2 million. I think I must be missing something on this because that is out of this world.

I’m not quite sure exactly which bungalow house you are referring to, but here are two comps in the 1500 block that might fit the bill. Like I said in the email to you privately, it’s hard to give accurate assessments and professional opinions without seeing the property, but generally speaking Cole Valley is a very solid investment and someplace I wouldn’t be too concerned about a catastrophic decline in that area.

I’m hoping the readers can shed some more light on the matter for you. Anyone?

Thanks for reading and thanks for your email.

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