Calling all San Francisco Real Estate Peeps!

by Alex Clark

I am constantly encouraging my fellow colleagues to contribute more frequently to the voice and insight this site could provide.

Here’s a quote from someone who has written posts for us in the past, “I meant to tell you, Carl Nolte of the Chronicle contacted me for a piece he did on the future of SF. He saw my piece on the blog. So THANK YOU for pushing me so hard to participate in it. You really are right about the exposure.”

That said, we welcome and encourage all of you to send us topics, articles, gossip, insight, etc. any time you’d like. When you send them, please let us know if you’d like to remain anonymous, or have a link back to your site.

We get a lot of requests for East Bay, Marin, Berkeley, San Jose information as well. So if you live in that area, we seem to have some people interested in what you’d have to say.

“Real estate peeps” includes ALL readers, whether you’re a Realtor, Mortgage Broker, Appraiser, Contractor, Buyer, Seller, or just someone who likes a little real estate porn every now and then.

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One thought on “Calling all San Francisco Real Estate Peeps!

  1. okay i’ll bite,

    there must be many of you brokers out there who are familiar with the Lembi juggernaut. well, word is that they are adjusting to a changing financing landscape and even, gasp! selling some units. maybe that will allow some of us little guys to get a shot at buying some of the multi-unit buildings around town? any thoughts?

    [Editor’s note: Paco, that your correct email you provided? If so, I’m going to pull this from here, and post on the main page. In the future, send to the email or use our contact page. As many people read the comments, there are 10 times more that don’t.]

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