“a total dump inside…” (4017 Folsom)

From our reader:

“Just a FYI if you’re interested or if people want to give their opinions about this house. It should be an interesting one to watch.

A house in our neighborhood [4017 Folsom] was just listed on the MLS yesterday [11/30], no for sale sign, a total dump inside and yet the house has been absolutely FLOODED with prospective buyers in the last two days. The 1st open house isn’t even until tomorrow [12/2] – and the level of hysteria around the house is already in full effect.”

It’s another one of those no photo available problems we have all too often, and if our reader is right, we know why. But how ’bout that hysteria?

4017 Folsom [Redfin Property Detail Page]

22 thoughts on ““a total dump inside…” (4017 Folsom)

  1. congrats to redfin for getting another listing. interesting that the bank went with them for this one. that could be a new trend.

    [Editor’s note: Not a Redfin listing, just their prop detail.]

  2. Of course it has been flooded with people at 619K. Once they get there, see the inside, and figure out that it’s pretty much a c – Bernal location will buyers step up?

  3. Dear Kenny, you might want to do your HW and check comps on the “c— bernal location” you are referring to before you open your lovely mouth as always. I guess that is the “unique perspective” you pride yourself on having in your little blurb that is linked to this site?!? Cool way to drum up business!

  4. Whatever, Janet. Nobody could ever accuse me of trying to pick up clients. On another realtor’s web site, no less? How cheesy. But frankly, that is my “unique perspective” in action, yeah. If you don’t like it, I don’t care.

    I live in Bernal. I study the comps daily. That is how I rate that block. Feel free to disagree. I didn’t insult you personally.

    That property is a dump, it’s two blocks north of Alemany, and it’s east of the Holly Park green space. The 101/280 cloverleaf is practially in sight, and certainly within earshot. That’s how it rates to me, and I’d tell any client the same. Does it suck? No it doesn’t. It’s still in Bernal, which is good.

    [Editor’s note: For the record, we hope that as many Realtors as possible in the city join in on discussions and provide insight to this site. If they do a “pick up” here and there, we’re okay with it, as long as it is subtle. If it’s in your face…zap! It’s gone. We do this because no one person has all the answers, and unfortunately Realtors rarely contribute unless they can get a little plug in for themselves (some exceptions apply)…so we’ve learned to deal.]

  5. Wasn’t saying you are trying to pick up clients, don’t get your panties in a bunch. I was simply saying that it is surprising for someone to essentially advertise their career and who they are on here when their level of professionalism is poor and word choices are rude.

    You are always insulting people personally on here, gimme a break. I live in Bernal too, study the comps daily too. I know exactly where the property is and it’s an attractive area for many buyers. Otherwise houses would not be selling on that side of Bernal for 1M.

  6. Whose choice of words is rude again, dear? Pot to kettle: You’re black.

    Go back and look at this thread. You have insulted me like four times without any real provocation.

    I’m always “insulting people on here” — baloney. I’m merely candid and a little bit sarcastic and flippant. I actually know how to express myself without being insulting. Do you?

  7. Let’s see. Fixers/dumps are not desirable to the average buyer. And neither are houses with major flaws. So let’s go through the list….

    731 Ellsworth you have to drive through the projects to get too – literally. The three listings after that needed to be gutted and redone completely. 511 gates is next. Sold at 811 sq foot. 4121 another dump that needed a complete remodel. 385 Nevada next and sold at 918 sq foot. And I can keep going..

    Moral of the story – the houses that are decent are selling at 800-900 dollars per square foot – in the crappy side of Bernal. Not bad at all!

  8. Did you look at the comps? An 1175 foot fixer needs a 700 foot addition to be in the $1M range on the south side. South of Jarboe, relative to Bernal as a whole, it is C – . Do you dispute that? (By the way, in challenging you my intent is not rudeness.)

  9. I don’t want to waste my breathe on someone that is so out of touch with how they come off. Call me all the names you want. I’m outta here.

  10. So you’re post came up after I posted. If you’ve even bothered to look at 4017 you would know it’s not 1175 sq feet. More like 1600 and that’s not considered the basement that has tons of room to build out. Adios.

  11. How I come off is up to interpretation. If I’m bothering people, I’ll ask Alex, he’ll tell me, and I’ll leave. I don’t give a fuck. But how you came off in this thread was one insult after another.

    I gave you the comps. See what you want to see. Just know that you can’t seize on smallish fixers and extrapolate square footage. Nothing finished sells in Bernal for 800 or 900 a foot.

    [Editor’s note: Okay…you two get it all off your chests? Can we move on? Janet, I hope adios is to this thread, and not TFS. Kenny, you need a cocktail, and less caffeine. Moving on….]

  12. Tisk tisk children, why not let some simple math resolve this feud? If you look at the sq/ft of the houses K listed and the sold price of the so-called non-dumps J mentioned we can figure out this mess:

    632 Banks – 787/sq foot

    511 Gates – 811/ sq foot

    668 Prentiss – 764/sq foot

    557 Anderson – 789/sq foot

    385 Nevada – 918/sq foot

    36 Bache – 805 sq/ foot

    I too saw the 4017 property and have to say it seems much bigger than the listed sq foot. . But alas a dump it is. But instead of bickering, let’s just hold onto our hats and call a truce until we see what happens with the property.

    [Editor’s note: Applauso! Well said. Thanks.]

  13. Look. There are some leaps of logic with that. It went from “Do your homework” to “People love the ‘hood because there are $1M properties on the South Slope” to extrapolating the square footage of smaller south slope fixers. I didn’t deny the property would sell for over asking. That wasn’t what I was saying.

    I basically said, “Of course 619K brought in a lot of people. Let’s see if someone steps up.” And Janet took offense to my rating which wasn’t delivered in any sort of salacious manner. That’s just what I think. Shoot. I’m curious. This market is sort of hard to read. A south slope fixer can be informative.

    But you can’t extrapolate sq/ft numbers on small, or smallish fixers like that. The smaller a place is, the more it costs a foot. Especially for sub 750K properties. People can actually afford them, so the market is competititive. Even if the amount of work required shouldn’t necessarily make sense, they still sell for over asking. Nevada was 750 feet or something, with some space to be grabbed where the garage L’s out, I seem to recall.

    But a super nice 2000 foot Bernal home on the very best part of Bernal does not sell for $1.8M. Maybe $1.6M, if it’s really phenomenal. In fact, Bernal has only ever seen three $1.5M or more sales, all on the north slope, and all for like high 600s a foot.

    Say the person who bought Nevada grabs the 200 feet behind the garage. Afterward, if they wanted to sell, do you think they’ll get $1.1M for the finished product, a ~1100 foot property? I personally doubt it.

    Was that mean? Seriously. I’m not trying to be mean here. If cold discussion of your neighborhood isn’t for you, then I’m sorry. But jeez. That’s what we do around here.

  14. Both of your make a great name for Realtors. Lets try a little professionalism here.

    So I am a Realtor and have seen the property and do a bit of business in Bernal. The house is a crap hole. Inside and out. It is an ok location, but not great. You do have pretty decent views and light in the house, you are not right next to freeways, or a block from Mission St. I would also call it a C location. However lots of buyers and investors are just fine with a C location in Bernal Heights.

    It has a weird floor plan, but a nice size kitchen. Needs quite a bit of work to be a really nice house. But does not really need all that much to be a decent rental. I think it could be a good solid house as a rental investment and hold for 3-7 years.

    My guess is someone will buy it for slightly over the asking price.

  15. I don’t think given the amount of work/cost of renovating the house anyone is going to redo it and then rent it. Chances are it will be bought as a flip or by a family trying to get into the market. I give the location a B because it’s an easy walk to Cortland, transpo, and the farmers market. Not a lot of Bernal locations have all that accessibility. It should be interesting to see what it sells for as far as below or above asking price. Word is the property is way overpriced. We shall see. BTW, who said I was a realtor?

  16. kenny,

    you need to stop posting on socketcrap. it’s making you bitter and nasty. i know, it does that to me too. janet was a little antagonizing here but that’s because she’s part of the bernal mafia. you know better than anyone living there that you cannot ever say anything negative about baby heights.


  17. Narcissistic? no. Self righteous? Probably. Disappointed? definitely.


    [Editor’s note: Shake it off. We have to do it all day every day with the countless hate emails that come through, and I appreciate your comments. Janet made some good points. So did you. Let’s move on. Google this if you don’t know it already, “The Reverend Horton Heat”. Get it. Listen to it. Drink some gin & tonics, and call it a night.]

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