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“The Ultimate Rock Star Pad” hits the market (542-44 Natoma)

Why settle for just one of the penthouse units (starting at $1,350,000), when you can have the recording studio and commercial condo as well (price upon request)? The San Francisco Soundworks building hits the market, and you know you’ve always dreamed of having “the ultimate rock star pad”, so here’s your chance.


Oh, to add to your credo in the music world yo!, you can say Alanis Morrisett, Radiohead, New Order, The Cocteau Twins, Ice Cube, Lil Jon, The Shins, Will Smith, and so many more recorded in your building. Who cares about the Scavolini cabinetry, waffled glass catwalk, cathedral ceilings, or Bauhaus design at that point.

If you happen to be the one buying it, we’d appreciate multiple invitations to the rock star parties! Or better yet, let us help you buy it.

Open Studio (preview) is Thursday 11/15 from 6-9pm.

If you want the history click here for the Vizzvox Voice Over, which is actually very informative, and provides a ton of insight.

We’re sold…totally and completely. Now about that rock star party…

Soundworks Residences [property website, Paragon Real Estate]

San Francisco Soundworks [website]

Sound Works History [Vizzvox]



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One thought on ““The Ultimate Rock Star Pad” hits the market (542-44 Natoma)”

  • Sophie

    November 12, 2007 at 11:31 pm

    “If you want the history click here for the Vizzvox Voice Over, which is actually very informative, and provides a ton of insight.”

    Vizzvox take three. It only needed an exeptional listing to be an excellent visit. So it CAN work.. and I actually appreciate the not so perfect voice over, that makes it more real (less fake).

    We are sold too…


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