Vizzie my house, take two! Voice over edition

The first take on our vocal tour of 1628 Broderick (San Francisco), didn’t get high marks, to say the least. So what about if you change the property to a swank high rise penthouse in Sydney, dub in a sweet Australian accent, and leave the Realtor wisely off the tape? The folks at VizzVox would like to know. Let’s do our best not to disappoint.


You can either click on the image to start the tour, or click here.

We’ll take the roof top terrace with those views and…yes, fresh lime margaritas!

VizzVox [website]

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VizzVox Voice Over property [VizzVox]

2 thoughts on “Vizzie my house, take two! Voice over edition

  1. Better, but still unnecessary. That old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words” is true. I can see everything is there. Why do I need to hear it too.

  2. I still think there are too may superlatives. “Spanning 3 SUPERB levels…”, “OPULENTLY furnished and SUMPTUOUS interior…”

    It’s better than the last one. The pictures are well done. I still think it should be toned down a bit — but that could just be that I am a cynic when it comes to watching something that reminds me of infomercials.

    I climbed that bridge (did the sunset climb). It’s a beautiful place. Sydney should be just as famous as San Francisco, but it seems for some reason, it isn’t yet.

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