A reader report on the East Bay

We know not what happens in the East Bay, but every so often get a request to expand our coverage, and we do our best to oblige, but we’re just not there…physically, mentally, or expertisely (not a word, we know). This time, we again defer to the reader’s report Thanks Dan!

I wish you would expand your coverage to the east bay. There’s a lot of variation within Oakland – the poor to marginal areas seem like they’ve got lots for sale, but the situation is more complex in the good to great neighborhoods. Definitely a bit down compared to a year or 2 ago, but holding pretty strong. Piedmont on the other hand is still completely crazy. A semi fixer (didn’t see it myself, but that’s what I’m told) listed at 1900 sq ft just went on the market at 1.025M, got 10 offers, is pending at 1.3M. The great school system of piedmont coupled with the subpar public middle and high schools of Oakland, plus crime and low inventory, drive Piedmont up with no slowing in sight. Anyway, there’s a lot of interesting stuff, and some of it, especially Piedmont & Rrockridge plays a role in SF market.

Keep providing us that insight Dan, and you’ll educate us all on what’s going down across our newly polluted bay.  We appreciate the information.  Seriously…keep it coming!

6 thoughts on “A reader report on the East Bay

  1. I agree. Piedmont and areas of Oakland are doing well. My family lives in the Crocker Highlands neighborhood, immediately south of Piedmont…. and a nice house that is decently maintained and updated will fly off the market. We are seeing houses sell quickly for $1.3 – $1.6M in Crocker, and we get letters from families and realtors that would like the opportunity to purchase/list our home frequently. Oakland is a geographically HUGE town…… and it seems that north of Park Blvd and east of 580, the market is quite strong and prices are level to edging up. On an idle weekend make time to visit our neighborhood… Longridge Rd., Trestle Glen, Sunnyhills Rd., Clarendon Cresent…. you might be surprised by what you see. And 15 minutes from Downtown SF.

  2. i liked upper rockridge on a recent trip east. the claremont country club is quite nice too, if you can get 10 members to recommend you for membership. i hear that local grade school is good enough for the primary years as well but you have to go private afterwords.

    the problem most folks would have leaving the city, however, is that you can’t walk anywhere unless you buy in rockridge.

  3. We found Piedmont and Rockridge areas to be quite competitive when looking to buy. So much so we decided to stay in SF and buy here.

  4. You can live in Crocker Highlands and WALK to Peets, Starbucks, Arizmendi, Trader Joes, Flavor of India, the Grand Lake Theater, etc. etc. Seriously… on a slow weekend day steer the car over to Lakeshore Ave (to see all the shops) and then turn right on Trestle Glen, Longridge or Mandana…… and see all the cool houses. It’s lovely right now, all the Sycamore trees are shedding their leaves and it’s very fall like (in a region that is accused of not having true seasons).

  5. and if you come on Saturday, you will our neighborhood’s large farmer’s market….. another walk-able place in the Crocker Highlands neighborhood.

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