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[Update 8/13/07 9:22 a.m.: All filtering, link blocking, black list word catching…everything, has been turned off. WordPress has been notified, and we are not posting any new content until the commenting is fixed. Thank you for your patience.]

We thought this important enough to put up on the front page. A reader just recently commented:

Why does this blog quarantine all commentary? It will never take off with this type of style.

Our answer was/is this, should your comments not show up immediately.

We don’t quarantine anything.We do, however, use and they have spam filters set up and some comments do end up in spam, but we’re usually able to see them and release them asap. We do “edit” some comments that are direct attacks on other readers and really don’t lend to the conversation/discussion at hand, and we show where we took those out. For the most part, we’re very lenient and very open to all comments, and generally try to leave everything untouched.

If you try to put more than 2 links in your comments, it will get blocked initially, but after we read it, it will be released. Other than that, don’t use the words cialis, viagra, sex, cheap OEM software, etc., and you should be good to go.

If you ever have trouble posting a comment please send us an email to [email protected], describing what kind of troubles you experienced posting comments so that we can try to fix it.

We apologize now if your comments do not show up immediately. If it becomes as much of an issue as it appears to be, we will switch from wordpress to another host.


alex (the editor)

5 thoughts on “Commenting on our blog

  1. I posted a couple things on Friday, and it still doesn’t pop up. There needs to be open/real-time posting opportunities, otherwise there’s no momentum, and people lose interest.

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