When paintings smile, homes sell

smiley.jpgYou’re going to have to check the MLS link to see what the hell we’re talking about in regards to the smiling painting, but 25 Sea Cliff, a 5 bed, 6 bath, 4760 square foot home in (do we have to say it) Sea Cliff spent nary two weeks on the market and is already in contract.


What more can we say, but it must have had something to do with the painting, because we’ve been hearing from many a person that the market is not that good, so it couldn’t be that all those people are wrong.


One thought on “When paintings smile, homes sell

  1. nice house…yeah, as much as people want to believe the market in sf is crashing i’m just not seeing it either.

    check out 661 moultrie. just sold for 201K over asking in bernal and didn’t have more than one broker’s tour and no open houses, yup!

    there seemed to have been a lull in the sf market in the fall of last year and now things are raging again.

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