Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Brutal! (74 Neptune, triple ended)

Adding fuel to an already hot fire of us Realtors making too much “easy money”, I came across this listing in MLS at 74 Neptune in Silver Terrace (yes, it is still San Francisco).


Sold in January of 2007 for $498,000, buyer represented by Realtor TZ. “Tastefully renovated” recently, and listed May 2007 for $599,000, also by Realtor TZ. It just sold for $735,000 (22% over asking or $136,000), buyer again represented by Realtor TZ. (I can see the wolves lining up now.) Sometimes this happens, and we don’t know the entire story, or how much work this Realtor put into this, but it is a great deal for the Realtor, that is for damn sure! And it’s an interesting find nonetheless.

But what I really want to know is, what’s going on with the new construction next door?

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