High on Grass

Bringing new meaning to the term “roof-top terrace”:

267-271 Filbert Sold $2,700,000


1277 Arguello Sold $1,750,000


2500 Lyon (Statement said 2550) Asking $9,800,000


And the grand-daddy of them all the California Academy of Sciences photo credit to Inhabitat, found through Curbed.


I’m thinking sunrise coffee on Filbert. Practice putting on Arguello. Deep rough shots on Lyon. Long game on the Academy roof. Then blow off the stress of golf with some Fun in the half-pipe. Care to join me? You see…real estate in San Francisco CAN be fun!

So which of the grasses is the schwag, and which are da kine?  Yes, I’ve been in all of the homes, and no, obviously not the Academy…yet.

5 thoughts on “High on Grass

  1. So is the Filbert St. one fake turf? I think it looks classier to have the grass surrounded by wood decking, whereas the Arguello one looks more like green felt. It’s hard to get a sense from just the pictures though.

    [Editor’s note: Filbert is real.]

  2. You forgot a key one: 2511 Steiner St asking $3.8 million! No yard, on a 1,600sqft lot, but with a roof deck with fake grass. No view unfortunately, and only 3,300… but no worries. It went in 2 weeks for $4.2 million! wheeeee

  3. 2511 didn’t even make the “deceptively real” category. That turf was rolled out. No water needed. We’re talking bank it off the windmill, around the volcano, through the clown’s mouth, and hope you hit 777 when the golf ball kick starts the slot machine so you win a free round next time back.

  4. Lol. U are absolutely right about that roll out turf for 2511 Steiner.

    I am stunned it sold for $4.2 mil with no view and yard. I didn’t feel the house had much ‘flow’. Looks like the black wood shingle building across the street completed it’s garage!

  5. “no flow”…for a second I thought you were referring to mini golf. I agree. Very cramped, vertical, and not my cup of tea.

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