The $65,000 Parking Spot (P138)

How much is a parking spot worth in San Francisco? Let’s wait and see: 88 Townsend P138…just the parking spot, on the market, asking price…$65,000. Days On Market…30 and counting.


That’s one fine parking spot, and if you play your cards right they might throw in an oil pan and that shitty bike. Wait, maybe it’s that shitty bike that is freeing up the parking spot and greening the air we breathe! We take the previous “that shitty bike” comment back. We like that bike. Do you like that spot? It’s yours for $65,000. Don’t tempt fate either, “[or] Kiss Your Car Goodbye”:


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5 thoughts on “The $65,000 Parking Spot (P138)

  1. I owned one of those parking spaces – bought it for $50k from the developer in 2006 (?) I sold it for exactly $65k two years later with one phone call to another agent.

    It’s a rare animal, as it’s the only separately deedable parking spaces I’m aware of in the city, in a sea of condo buildings most that have only one car parking, where anyone – not just an owner of the condo complex – can own. Pretty key if you’re a couple living in a condo where both need their car and there’s only one car parking.

    Not affiliated with anyone trying to sell it, and probably in this economic climate it’s a tough sell at that price – but there is a priceless quotent to having safe deeded secure parking, you dont have to worry about down the line. Oh and it’s one block the ballpark.

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