The Double Whammy: SUV And Motorcycle BOTH Blocking The Sidewalk

What started as an innocent post about a car hanging a couple feet over two driveways during the Outside Lands festival, quickly turned into a very heated discussion as to what exactly constitutes a Spot Or Not in San Francisco. The follow up post referenced a motorcycle on the sidewalk and whether that is a legitimate spot or not. In the comments on that thread we pointed out the motorcycle was not the only vehicle this person owned, and that they also had a black, gas-guzzling GMC. Well, what to do when BOTH of their vehicles continually turn up on the sidewalk?
We know what we have done…nothing but snap a few photos. What we really want to know is what you would do, and what you think about when you see this type of thing.

4 thoughts on “The Double Whammy: SUV And Motorcycle BOTH Blocking The Sidewalk

  1. The car-blocking-sidewalk is becoming a bigger issue in my hood as well. From what I understand, there’s something about the number of ’tiles’ that can and cannot be blocked (or the number of tiles that are left to walk in). I think that’s the city rule, but can someone else verify?
    I also do think that the city generally will not ticket unless someone is called, but not 100% sure on that either. That last part is interesting because if you do get a ticket, then it almost is guaranteed to setup a ‘who complained about my car’ type thing with the neighbors…

  2. I’ve seen people (cars and motorcycles) get tickets for parking on the sidewalk. I used to not think it was a big deal until I saw a blind person who normally walk on that sidewalk try to figure his way around. Now I get it….other than the white trash appearance of course.

  3. I live in the upper Haight, uncomfortably close to the intersection of Haight-Ashbury.

    The funny drill here is for the neighbors to pull their cars out of their garages here and block their own driveways so that toursits and shoppers cannot. This makes me assume that DPT never cites without a complaint.

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