Readers Ask: Readers Know (Usually)

The Frontsteps is littered with experts, so when a reader asks a question, seems like the highest form of logic is to simply pose that question to the aforementioned experts.

Yesterday I asked if any, any, any reduction in price could make being a landlord for a full occupied, multi-unit property worthwhile. One reader, in response, asked:

By deliadelia on Oct 1, 2009 |

Hey all, is any reader on here a landlord? Is it really as bad as all I hear? I am thinking of trying to leverage a tenant as income to buy a 2 unit building (1 empty, 1 occupied). I’m not sure what I’m getting into.

I’m nowhere near a landlord, not even in my dreams, so I can’t say much here. Anyone else able to help Delia?

Quote Du Jour: Inner Richmond Is STweet (That’s Sweet In Twitter Speak)

Sometimes you just gotta go looking around the web for the information you need to draw a conclusion about where to plant your roots in San Francisco. Today, we turn your attention to Brittney G of Eye On Blogs, who had this to say about the Inner Richmond:


Hanging in the Inner Richmond. It’s great. Virtually hipster free and no waiting for drinks in crowded bars.

We could just ReTweet this, but thought it deserved a little more attention than that. Nice work Inner Richmond! You got props for not having to do a thing except be yourself.

…and it gets better, “The Inner Richmond, I enjoy your soundtrack very much.“-Brittney G.

Quote du jour: “…as the gas prices go up…”

Every so often we have to take from email conversations and post to the site. This from a recent email exchange we had with a client that just recently purchased an A+ unit in an A+ location right about when the market started to turn (south).

Despite the gloom and doom, we friggin’ love where we live, wouldn’t change a thing. We just laugh as the gas prices go up and make our location that much more valuable!

You see, some people just get it.

Letter to Editor: “The buyers are the ones who are panicking…”

We received this email after our post regarding the apparent panic amongst some Realtors in San Francisco:

From a fellow SF Realtor…

I think Realtors looking for plugs for their listings is an attempt to cater to the new mentality of todays Buyers – not a sign of panic. The Buyers are the ones who are panicking as a result of the garbage being published practically daily about the real estate market tanking (thank you SF Chronicle, for one). They are being trained to believe that the only reason to buy in SF is if you can get a deal, be on the inside track, take advantage of something before others do, etc. So having you plug a “special” property works well. Realtors are just smart and know how to target their market :) But as we (Realtors) all know, at the end of the day it still comes down to location & price – not just a tip. The truth is, any serious Buyer is looking at a multitude of sites or has a good agent and can find said property without a lot of trouble, assuming it’s not a pocket listing. But as they say, perception is reality and if the Buyer thinks they’ve found a real jewel, that’s what Realtors are banking on. Literally!

Have a great day,

Thanks for the email…

Quote du Jour: “most seafood”

Different than our comment du jour, which is strictly from our readers, this new feature (totally in beta mode) is a quote we found “out there” in San Francisco that is just too good to pass up. From the Chronicle’s “San Francisco Bay opens to fishing, effective immediately“:

Tests on fish and crabs show that the spill is no longer causing most seafood to be unhealthy to eat, officials announced today.

“Attention shoppers, we’re running a special on ‘most seafood’ in the store today, as for ‘the rest’, heck, we’re practically giving it away…”

[For those that might just be joining us, we had a bit of an oil spill not too long ago that might make that crab taste just a bit funky. You know we’re still eatin’ it though!]