SF’s Most Expensive UNSOLD Homes of 2021

Ambition can be a virtue, but it might take time to come into its own.

We already recapped the biggest SF homes sales of 2021–or at least, we’re betting they’re the biggest sales and that a winsome surprise won’t come along in the next couple of weeks to dethrone any of them.

But if that happens, which properties are most likely to deliver the upset? Here we have some of the highest-value 2021 home listings that have not yet found a buyer, any one of which could break a record before New Year’s, if the fates are feeling mischievous.


#1: 2582 Filbert, $46 million

If it sells for the current price–or even for less than the current price in some scenarios–2852 Filbert would become the most expensive home in the history of San Francisco, beating the old record of $43.5 million. As we’ve already discussed, this six bed, nine bath Cow Hollow setup is brand new, sitting on a previously remarkably undeveloped lot right next to the Presidio, which became vacant after the former structure met a wrecking ball in 2001. Just the land alone cost $14 million five years back.

#2: 2006 Washington Street, Penthouse, $45 million

If it sold right now, this historic co-op perch would actually break two records, not only the all-time sales figure but also the price per square foot, which would come out to over $8,000. The existing record-holder: This very same unit, back in 2015. It’s rare that a condo is rubbing shoulders with the kind of sprawling single-family properties that ask this kind of money, but of course 2006 Washington has long been one of SF’s most exclusive buildings. In an oddball bit of architectural whimsy, this penthouse is not actually the top unit in the building, but it was once upon a time and maintains the title out of both convenience and a kind of historic respect.

Image by Steelblue

#3: 2950 Pacific Avenue, $29.5 million

It was a just a couple of days ago that we checked in on this towering historic home that’s for sale along with plans to radically re-engineer its classic Dutch Colonial interiors circa 1907. Most notably, the new design would switch the front and back entrances and turn this into a Broadway Street address, making it technically a part of famed Billionaire’s Row–right now the house overlooks that street but faces the wrong direction. Zynga founder Mark Pincus bought this place for $16 million in 2012 but sold it to developers only a few years later.

#4: 2828 Vallejo Street, $28 million

The amusing synergy of the address and listing priceis almost enough to sell this place all on its own–or so we imagine, not having $28 million to spend on it ourselves. (Maybe next year.) At 268 days this is one of the 50 oldest SF home listings–number 33, to be precise–but of course there are only so many people in the world who even have the means to drop this kind of money on a house, so seeing listings linger for hundreds of days is not unusual; on the other hand, some appear and disappear from the market so quickly you wonder if you dreamed it, and there really is no rhyme or reason to such things. Speaking of dreams, this eight bed, nine bath beauty looks like a fairy tale, circa 1906.

#5: 2698 Pacific Avenue, $25.8 million

This is a historic home that’s been through a lot in recent years, selling for $8.5 million in 2012 in dire need of renovation, then listing again asking more than $13 million before they were even done fixing the place up. It eventually sold for a loss in 2017, then served as a Decorator Showcase site, and now it’s back once again with an all-new look and price, along with eight beds, eight baths, and over 10,000 square feet of space. The original 1904 home was a product of classic SF architects Newsom & Newsom.

#6: 2660 Scott Street, $18.5 million

The mansion was built in 1901 for a cousin of Teddy Roosevelt and was designed by the great beaux-arts architect Albert Farr, selling last in 2015 for just over $13 million. Lately it’s been a restless deed, listing two other times since 2020 and chasing $19.2 million both times. Prior to that 2015 sale, it had only been on the market twice in its lifetime, and has had only four owners in total.

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