Maximum Luxury: Would-Be Billionaire’s Row Mansion For $29.5 Million Faces Wrong Way

Mondays mean it’s time for Maximum Luxury, the column where we rubberneck at the most expensive homes for sale in San Francisco simply out of our own sense of sheer self-indulgence.

The priciest and second-priciest listings in San Francisco right now are both vying to break records if they sell for their current asking price, but it’s a steep drop-off down to number three, which will only break the bank for anyone who opts for its $29.5 million buy-in.

This is the towering seven bed, seven bath, 12,000 square foot property mansion at 2950 Pacific Avenue. In 2020 the city issue permits to developer Troon Pacific to remodel and expand the square footage and room count, then suspended them, then reinstated them, then suspended them again, and then reinstated them again.

Zynga founder Mark Pincus bought this place for $16 million in 2012, then attempted to sell it off again for $18 million two years later. Pincus instead broke even with a $16 million developer sale the next year.

Originally this tall, dark, and handsome Dutch Colonial beauty was built in 1907 by famed architect Albert Farr, but the post-Pincus renderings available here would make it unrecognizable from the original state.

For years there have also been apparently unrealized plans to add a new Broadway entrance for this manse and perhaps change the address; see, this property lies along the famed Billionaire’s Row, but it’s facing the wrong way, only showing its backside to the rest of the Pac Heights elite.

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