“What are my options to sell my property right now?” – During Shelter in Place

I’m getting this question a lot these days. The answer is simple. Right now and until the Shelter in Place is lifted, you have one option:

  • 1. Sell it virtually. See my post on that, including important details and updates specific to San Francisco County. It’s not easy, and it’s not ideal for you, the seller, but it can be done.
  • [Update 4/18/2020: Currently, transacting real estate has been deemed an “essential” business. As such, if your property is VACANT, it can be painted, staged, photographed (virtual and still), and shown by appointment only. You, and all vendors must abide by CDC guidelines for social distancing, hand protection, wear face masks, and disinfect all surfaces prior to letting anyone in your home. Additionally, buyers and seller must now sign a special COVID-19 Addendum prior to showing property, which in so many words makes you all aware of the risks, and your responsibilities during this shelter in place. Contact us for details on this new addendum.]
  • You might consider two alternative options depending on your timeline:
  • 1. Get everything ready to go now to sell when the dark cloud clears: Listing Agreement signed; Price range set; Seller Disclosures done; For Sale sign out front advertising “Coming Soon”; Contractors, Painters, Photographers, Stagers on the calendar; All marketing materials ready (plug photos in later); etc.
  • [Update: as stated above, if your property is vacant and everyone abides by the rules, we can essentially get your property 100% ready to roll when Shelter in Place is lifted.]
  • There will be a rush when this clears. Spring is usually our busiest/best time to sell. Those sellers are still there and waiting, and many buyers are as well. Don’t be left behind.
  • 2. Wait until Shelter in Place is lifted and see what happens.

Those are your options.

We can help you navigate any and all of them. Additionally, we can discuss all of your options with a no obligation, no sales pitch conversation.

Now is not the time to put your trust in anyone other than an expert with a long history of success, and proven track record through up and down markets. This will be my third time through a down market. My clients have done well in all of them. And we’re not even sure how down this down market will be.

Most importantly, don’t panic.

Contact Us to learn more about your options.

“There’s a time during every deal when you’re about to freak out…and Alex is always chill, no stress – gets you through those hurdles.”

“Alex made what could have been a very stressful process a very seamless process and I highly recommend him to either a buyer or a seller.”

-Recent Sellers

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