Recently on theFrontSteps.ORG- “Coming soon, Oceanview Pig Sty!”

Check out this recent post on theFrontSteps.ORG: “Coming Soon – Oceanview Pig Sty!” by the newest member, Nancy Corsaut. Perhaps a quote is in order:

Then, it happens, the agent points to the pig and then starts screaming with a foreign accent, “piggy going poop, piggy going poop, no piggy, no piggy!” As the owner looked on completely uninterested about the cause of this outcry, I finally get that this illegal addition to the house must be the pigs toilet. Who knew?

Head on over there and check it out.

For those who are new to our world, theFrontSteps.ORG was an attempt at socializing this here blog. Now, .ORG is all about San Francisco, so go ahead and get over there and be social with your fellow San Franciscans.

Chicken as pet in San Francisco? No problem!” [theFrontSteps]

“Coming Soon – Oceanview Pig Sty!” [theFrontSteps.ORG]

2 thoughts on “Recently on theFrontSteps.ORG- “Coming soon, Oceanview Pig Sty!”

  1. nancy corsault, nancy corsault, she makes life seem alot less slow.

    i just wanted to sing the praises of one of my favorite realtors.

    go, nancy!

  2. I love me some pig. They should throw the big into the deal, “sweeten” it up. Kahula Pork, Schweinhaxen, braciola, bacon!

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