Walkabout: Sonoma edition, includes helicopter pad

Those of you that have read our little blog about San Francisco real estate for a while know we’ve been known to get Wanderlust from time to time and are forced to go walkabout. Today we head to Sonoma where $5,895,000 buys you one helluva sweet (green?) house at 2000 Hot Springs Rd. in the town of Cloverdale, CA.

It wasn’t the pictures that caught our eye (although they’re nice).

It was the description:

Dramatic 332 acre estate property of rolling oak-studded hills overlooking Lake Sonoma w/ 360 degree panoramas all the way to Mt. St. Helena. Eleven thousand (11,000) square foot modern residence designed by apprentice to Mies Van der Rohe with 6 bedrooms & rooms of great scale…green energy property with carbon negative footprint… an entertainer’s paradise, features swimming pool, terrace, 1700 bottle wine cellar, helicopter pad and 12 horse stable…easy access to wineries, fine dining and exceptional outdoor recreation.

We’d take it, but we wouldn’t have enough cash left to buy the helicopter to go with the pad, so we’ll have to pass. Nice pad though.

2000 Hot Springs Rd. [listing detail]

13 thoughts on “Walkabout: Sonoma edition, includes helicopter pad

  1. Nice! What happened to your post lambasting everyone who lives outside of SF Alex??

    [Editor’s note: Had to pull it down. It was getting ugly in the comments.]

  2. I admit I don’t know the market up there. But this seems like a lot for ~$6M, doesn’t it?

  3. god, is that ugly. mexican tile meets the inside of a Dennys.

    and whats with that shower stall and no glass around it?

  4. @rockysdad,

    If the home is built for “entertaining”, then wouldn’t it be suitable to not obscure your entertainment with steamy glass?

  5. well..yea..sort of jan…but all that water everywhere….besides, I never party in my shower. do you?

    maybe bullwinkles dad would know.:)

  6. Is this a spec property? If it is they maybe left the shower glass off because they weren’t sure what type of glass enclosure the buyer would want. I don’t know. It does seem odd. Even if it is spec I’d think they would go ahead and finish the shower for something in this price range.

    Fluj a k a Kenneth Kohlmyer a k a Bullwinkle’s Dad

  7. that logic makes no sense..then why not leave off the plumbing fixtures, the windows, the doors, the flooring, etc….?

    since you dont know what the “buyer would want”.

  8. Stuff like windows, doors, flooring, and plumbing fixtures would look even worse if was missing. But you’re right.

    We don’t know what happened here tho. Heck, maybe there was glass up the day before the photos and it had a factory defect and shattered.

  9. I think the glass is intentionally missing. If you look at some of the other photos from the virtual tour you’ll notice a very minimalist approach. I think that’s where they’re going. Why use the shower when you can jump in the pool!

  10. I had my mind in the gutter and was thinking of putting some porn stars in that bathroom as entertainment. Sorry. Fly them in via helicopter…you know.

  11. Mies Van der Rohe just blew a forehead vein while in his grave! That guy probably cleaned a toilet in his office back in ’72 – hence his affection w/the bathroom fixtures…

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