This is not the first, and likely not the last we’ve seen of these, but now you get to see them too!

“Sorry for the SPAM, but I am working with a GREAT couple who is looking for a home, and wanted to see if you knew of a property that is not yet on the market but may be coming soon.

They are ALL CASH buyers, can close very quickly, and would consider a rent back situation. They are currently renting, so they are very flexible!!

Their needs:

* Condo or Single Family Home

* Pac Heights, Presidio Heights, Cow Hollow, Marina (not on liquefaction), Noe Valley, Eureka Valley, Cole Valley

* 2+ bedrooms(Min sq ft: 1550), 1.5+ bathrooms

* 1st floor (access to garden a plus)

* Formal Dining Room, Living room large enough to entertain

* 1 Car Deeded Parking

* Smaller building is preferred

Please feel free to call me directly at [ahhhh…not on our turf!] if you know of anything coming up. Given my client’s flexibility, and cash situation, it could be a

great opportunity for a client who needs to sell first before buying elsewhere.

Thanks for your help, and again, sorry for the SPAM, but given the lack of inventory and the current mortgage crisis, I figured it’d be appropriate to reach out to my fellow realtors and see if we can help each other out.” [these bolds are ours, the rest hers.]

Anybody else have buyers looking for exactly the same thing? A hunch tells me yes, and “all cash” at $400,000 or $4,000,000 are two entirely different things. Next time you choose to spam, include the price range.


  1. Over on the .org page, may I plead for something that isn’t tiny white text on a black background?

    [Editor’s note: Yes you may…it’s on the list.]

  2. Hi Alex, Yes, I wanted to provide an amount, but my buyer did not want me to… Anyhow, I actually have 2 cash buyers, at different price points… But thanks for helping get the word out! Let me know if you hear of anything ;-)

  3. Someone please help me understand how this is useful information to anyone without a price range. The buyers are looking for either a condo or a single family home in 7 different neighborhoods. There are over 20 single family homes in Noe Valley alone for sale and most would meet the criteria above. Are you telling me that this agent and her buyers have reviewed all of the available homes and condos in these neighborhoods and none are “right”?

    What am I missing here?

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