Senator Boxer Video (and quotes) on California Foreclosure Crisis

Some quotes on Senator Barbara Boxer’s April Fools Day Speech/Proposed Bill regarding the housing crisis.

“Seven of the top ten foreclosure filing rates nationwide are in California!”

“One in every 557 homes nationwide filed for foreclosure.”

“Two hundred million dollars in additional funding for housing counselors [proposed].”

“When counselors sit down with mortgage holders miracles happen.”

“Times have changed since my time…the old days.”

“A lot of people don’t know who holds their mortgage anymore.”

“Four billion dollars in community development block grants [proposed].”

“[Proposing to] allow bankruptcy judges to modify loans on principal residences.” They can do it on all types of bankruptcy filings except principal residences.

“Increase transparency by simplifying disclosure on mortgage documents [proposed].”

“We faced 60-70 filibusters by my Republican friends…they will take the blame for this if nothing gets done.”

“We’re irrelevant to this country if we don’t have the courage to cast a vote to solve this crisis, when every leading economist tells us it is the housing crisis that is at the heart of this recession.”

Follow this link to see the video

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