Housing Outlook: Bleak

How’s that for a headline? Get your attention? Good. We’re just doing it like all the others. Now check out this video from IntoTheBox.tv (for real estate obsessed people like us):

If comparing San Francisco to New York City is any indication of things to come for us, then this report is scary, especially the fewer number of bonuses, and first time buyers getting scared by all the headlines, which we already knew. The bit on “Subprime” beating out “Facebook” for the “word of the year” is just plain nutty!

IntoTheBox.tv [website for the NYC real estate obsessed]

2 thoughts on “Housing Outlook: Bleak

  1. the best thing about that link was the story for today about a new social network for your condo building called lifeat.com

    very cool!

    i sent them a note asking when they’ll come out west and hit up south beach/mission bay

    the woman in those reports is so annoying with her upper east side studder


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