Off Market and On Broadway (2342 Broadway being shopped around $6M)

Going to see a lot more of these. From our reader that would prefer to remain completely anonymous:

There is a dog with views at 2342 Broadway being shopped at just under $6m–it’s legit. Being marketed at $5.99M. Needs lots of work. Overpriced (in my opinion) considering the amount of work it needs, but it’s got premier Pacific Heights views. It will probably hit MLS in a few weeks once sellers realize that no one is biting at $6M. It will sell for 5 something.


Thanks for the scoop! Sorry we can’t deliver on the photo…yet. Given that it is 10:15pm, it’s dark out, both Google and Windows Maps are failing us with the exact location, we can’t run out and just snap a photo. But y’all could git er done for us. Send to [email protected].


That photo big enough for you? ;-) Making up for what we lacked in the first photo.

4 thoughts on “Off Market and On Broadway (2342 Broadway being shopped around $6M)

  1. 6 million for that block? That seems like a bargain basement price to me. The lot itself is easily worth 6 million, regardless of the condition of the house. It would also be the only house in Pac Heights on the market with full span bridge and Alcatraz views (never mind 2901 and 2845 down the street).

  2. Also, If you go to Zillow, the neighbors to the right still have a “make me move” note on their house for 14 million.

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