Surreal Estate hitting the nail on the head

From Kenny:

“This is a pretty good article. In it, there is another TFS plug courtesy of Carol Lloyd’s Surreal Estate column. The context of the plug — in the opening stanza, no less — is a bit ironic isn’t it? She assumes a bearish reason for the lack of updates on our editor’s newsletter. (I think a lot of us just figured he was busy with his family over the holidays.) Anyway …

My point is that this is the first Surreal Estate article that I think has really sort of hit the nail on the head. This is what is happening in SF right now.

Couldn’t agree with you more about that article, and good assumption about the “holidays”, but indeed, as you probably saw, listings activity that week barely had a pulse. The plug was appreciated, and a surprise.

In Real Estate: A tale of two Friscos [sfgate]

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  1. A possible limitation of this approach is that you have to be aware of MLS rules about advertising other peoples’ listings if you use this formula, so you may want to talk it over with your broker first. On the other hand, most listing agents would undoubtedly give you permission if you call them.

  2. i like the way she’s relying on our editor for quality data, and not that [what’s up with this word lately…not necessary and therefore deleted by z editor.] over at socketsucks


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