Cross Pollination: Does CAMP Get Your Vote on Curbed

From our friends at Curbed, regarding the Fisher’s proposal to develop the Presidio bowling alley site into the Contemporary Art Museum of the Presidio:

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“In the spirit of good fun (as always) Curbed SF has asked the inevitable question: How does the just-released design for Don Fisher’s CAMP [Contemporary Art Museum of the Presidio] measure up to SF’s other architectural offerings? We’ve launched a poll on the subject, and hope that you’ll consider sharing it with your readers.

Don’t know what the heck they’re talking about? In a nutshell: “Gap founder Donald Fisher has unveiled the design of the museum he wants to build in San Francisco’s Presidio…” It will be a museum to house their (he and wifey’s) growing art collection. The proposed site is where the Presidio bowling alley is currently. There are groups lobbying for and against this project (no surprise), and one other bid was submitted for a “History Center of the Golden Gate.”

All politics and “sacred ground” aside, Curbed just wants to know what you think of the design in comparison to a few others, and we’re anxious to see the outcome.

Gluckman Mayner [website]

Proposed Presidio museum would be modern addition to historic military site [SFGate]

7 thoughts on “Cross Pollination: Does CAMP Get Your Vote on Curbed

  1. The city should be happy that Fisher is working to make his extensive art collection more accessible. It is amazing how quick some are to revile the man. Local business entrepreneur, does a lot for the community. I find it disappointing how some people like him are treated when they try to do something like this. I for one hope it gets built.

  2. Dede, i totally agree with you. there is always somebody that has to derail, or try to derail something that could turn out great. i can’t remember who it was on here or when it was, but somebody said something about the gg bridge, and transamerica and how they were so hated when they were built. look at them now! They’re icons of this city. i’m all for letting the people with the big bucks do things that could advance our city and not preserve it, like a history museum would. i mean how fucking boring would that be. i think TFS should throw a party in the bowling alley before they demo it and go nuts. something tells me it’d be a pretty fun party. this site seems pretty easy going, but that’s totally off topic so i’ll stop.

  3. it would be tough to part with, but sea bowl in pacifica has it going on as a subsitute.

    [Editor’s note: Here’s a “t”. You can have it. We don’t need it back. Got plenty. Thanks. ;-) ]

  4. The central sculpture out front looks like an after thought. And a lot like a Mark di Suervo, just like we already have in front of the Legion. Why can’t architects get this key element to work on the plans? Doesn’t bode well for how well art inside will be sited.

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