Large and in Charge (3730 Washington)

On May 14th of this year, we alluded to a “very big, very expensive” home that will be coming on the market. Since I just drove by and saw the sign out front, we’re finally letting you all know. That was a tough secret to keep, let me tell you.


3730 Washington is coming on the market, and last we heard the price will be around $18,000,000 [Guess they changed their minds….$14.5M, 7 bedrooms, 5.5 baths.] As of this moment, MLS is still giving us troubles, so we can’t confirm whether it is listed or not, but there is certainly a sign out front and Richard Weil (Hill & Co.), did in fact beat out Barbara Callan (McGuire) for the listing.

We’ll post pictures, [correct price], and MLS link as soon as we have it.

[Pictures and MLS link as promised]

3 thoughts on “Large and in Charge (3730 Washington)

  1. Re Barbara.

    Altho her picture is next to some top properties, that’s not all she sells. I met her during an open (small)house, and she’s a very sweet lady.

    Let’s wish the agent, whoever it is, a happy transaction.

    BTW: could we assume that incoming properties in that price range shake the dust off all the properties in that price range (by adding more comp, thus making some houses look more desirable and “better deals” ?). If so – Let’s hope to see a few houses disappear from the stalefish list.

  2. RIck is a very good agent and has sold some astonishingly high-end homes over the past few years.

    [Editor’s note: Let’s make no mistake about it. BOTH are very good agents, and both are great people.]

  3. Let’s not turn this into a marketing site for high end brokers please. [Editor’s note: Don’t worry. Not gonna happen.] They have their own sites for that purpose! :-)

    Is this property on a double lot? Who has the benefit of those trees to the right of the house? Also, where is the driveway?

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