An offer date that came and went (366 Montcalm in Bernal Heights)

A reader just fired this to us, and since we happen to be sitting at the computer (go figure) we’ll just throw it up without any real editorial genius, and hope our readers or Stammtisch can provide some insight.


366 Montcalm ($649,000), a two bed, one bath “condo alternative” on the North Slope of Bernal Heights apparently had an offer date yesterday, but received no offers. So if you’re interested, here’s your chance. [Update 7/12-in contract]

When Readers Want Prices, We Bring It! [theFrontSteps]

463 Nevada, In Bernal On $950,000, out $775,000…yes that’s under asking. [theFrontSteps]

366 Montcalm [zephyr, MLS]

2 thoughts on “An offer date that came and went (366 Montcalm in Bernal Heights)

  1. not sure when you posted this? wasn’t the offer date on monday? in which case the agent/sellers you take the evening to consider offers and then the mls is updated the next day showing the house is in contract. which has happened. so it looks like this house did have at least one offer afterall!

    [editor’s note: We posted on 7/11 from information given to us on 7/10. At that time, it was not in contract, but went into contract the same day we posted…7/11. So yes, they did indeed receive at least one offer after all. Thanks for keeping us on our toes…and welcome to the Stammtisch.]

  2. I can’t believed I missed out on a chance to make an offer on that gem. I had a chance and blew it. You know the markets hot when these beautiful “condo alternatives” are going so fast.

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