It’s Madness! (no, not the band)

By now you’ve probably heard about 3840 Clay (pictured above), the Pacific Heights fixer that was asking $3,000,000 and sold for $4,020,000 in less than a blink of an eye. (In MLS on 4/12, 30 disclosure packages were handed out, offers reviewed on 4/16, in contract 4/19, sold 4/25… we’re told for cash.) The home … Continue reading It’s Madness! (no, not the band)

Hurry up…and wait

2214 Clay…one day showing…one offer…rumored to be going over asking (go figure) from a $4,998,000 asking price…now we wait to see the outcome. The vitals: 6 bed; 5 bath; 4989 square feet; built in 1890; $1001/ppsf; horrible colors in the living room, and definitely not my tastes for interior decorating (opinion!), but other than that it is … Continue reading Hurry up…and wait

Frank Norris Place…an update

Provided by: Amanda Jones of Vanguard Properties They have sold 10% of the units in 2 weeks. They have 3 other offer packages out on the project [Editor’s note: probably more now, we’re slow to print], 15 of the 32 homes are under $500,000. The building was designed by the same architect of The Palms and … Continue reading Frank Norris Place…an update

888 Seventh Street: an update

Back on November 17, 2006, 888 Seventh accepted applicants for their 170 BMR (Below Market Rate) units of a total 224 Units. They received around 3800 of them! Pricing for the studios was around $199,000, 1 bedrooms around $230,000, 2 bedrooms around $250,000, and 3 bedrooms $299,000-350,000. The building itself is quite nice, location is … Continue reading 888 Seventh Street: an update

Follow up to Reason we live here #1

On March 29th, we posted our very first reason we live herewith 3335 Clay, a 2bed, 2 bath condo in Presidio Heights asking $1,125,000, and a reader kindly commented there is “no way this property sells for over a million”. We’re not out to prove anyone wrong, or discount our readers (we love all of … Continue reading Follow up to Reason we live here #1

Tower of Power

According to the most recent One Rincon Hill newsletter as of April 9, construction on Phase I (tower 1) “zoomed past the 45th floor”, and is expected to top out in July. Initial move-ins are scheduled for late 2007. We had a nice sit-down with some folks at One Rincon Hill about a week ago, … Continue reading Tower of Power

“Good Bones”

Another way to ensure hordes of buyers to your property, use the words, “Good Bones”.  This 2 bed, 1 bath, probate at 833 26th Ave is a total fixer that listed at $679,000, minimum bid is now $896,150, after receiving 23 offers.  As we said, fixers fly.  This one could easily get into the mid … Continue reading “Good Bones”

20 on 40

How do you attract hordes of buyers to your home?  Put these words in your marketing, “Bring your vision, and contractor!” In fact, if you have a totally remodeled gem just sitting on the market, you might as well make it look like hell.  Fixers sell better than anything. This property, a 2 bed, 1 … Continue reading 20 on 40

A Lamp and Views for $5.6MM

1940 Broadway #9, a 3 bed, 3.5 bath stock cooperative in Pacific Heights has an accepted offer.  HOAs are $2033.  They’re asking $5,600,000, and have been on the market 18 days.  This was the view in 2005: Only difference…HOAs were only $1567.  Oh yeah, we almost forgot,  and it sold for $4,650,000.   Yah….you know….that high end … Continue reading A Lamp and Views for $5.6MM