Just Listed: Two Bedrooms in the Mission for Only $870,000!?

We just listed this wonderful two bedroom home in the Mission with period details, wood floors, natural light on three sides, parking, WD, and a wonderful layout. Full details can be found on the Featured Listing page for this property. It’ll be open this weekend Saturday 11:30am to 1:30pm and Sunday 2-4pm.

In case you didn’t know, rates for TICs are actually equal to, or better than condo or single family homes…pretty sure that’s never* happened. So if you’ve been in the sub $1,000,000 price range, you should really give this a look.

*We use the word “never” somewhat loosely and have not gone back in history to check exactly, but we’re pretty sure it’s never happened where Fractional TIC loans are cheaper than conventional condo or single family rates.

1425 South Van Ness Ave, $870,000 [theFrontSteps]

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